TSFX Trial Exams

TSFX Offers Year 12 Trial Exams to schools in English and a range of Mathematics and Science subjects. Please note that we have Mathematics and Science packs that offer a generous discount to schools.

Features of the TSFX Exams include:

  • Original questions.
  • Each paper is based on the style and format of the VCAA exams (including mark allocations, total marks, exam duration, question difficulty and styles).
  • Written and vetted by qualified VCE teachers who are experienced in the setting and marking of examinations.


  • Each paper is subjected to a 3 stage vetting process.
  • Quoted prices include the relevant exam paper, student answer booklet(s), formula sheet, worked solutions, detailed explanations & marking schemes.
  • Papers are copyright free and can be reproduced without restraint within the institution that purchases them.

Online Orders

Orders for 2020 trial exams can be made by filling out the form below.