The program delivered everything that was promised and much, much more.
Thank you TSFX for giving me an invaluable advantage over my peers.
Student – Sacred Heart College, Geelong

Fantastic! I think I’m now topping the class as I have a huge advantage on everyone else! Thank you!!!
Student – Ballarat Grammar School

I feel like I’ve been armed with a secret weapon for the exams.
Student – Braemar College

It was 2 hours of revision in which I was able to go over content that would have taken me an entire day to complete on my own.
Student – Marymede Catholic College

I definitely have a competitive edge after attending!
Student – Sacred Heart College


The quality of the TSFX lectures is clearly more superior than any other programs I have attended with other providers.
Student – Xavier College

I attended lectures with 4 different companies this year and the TSFX ones were by far the best and most professional. The lecturers were of the highest quality and I would recommend any of your lectures to future students!
Claire Kelly

Excellent – would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone to attend. Was a lot better than other programs I have been in and the lecturers are amazing.
Student – CRC Sydenham

The length, quality of notes and lecture content were exceptional. I have attended several different lecture series in the past, but The School For Excellence beats them all.
Student – Bayside P-12 College

What a fantastic lecture!! I chose TSFX over other lectures for their awesome notes and lecturers, depth and breadth of topics covered and lecture length, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Student – Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Confidence & Motivation

TSFX has really boosted my confidence in class and now I’m really enjoying school.
Student – Camberwell Grammar School

This was an amazing lecture that filled me with confidence for the year to come. I feel very ready to attack stress that is thrown my way. Thanks.
Student – McKinnon Secondary College

I owe so much of my motivation and academic success in VCE Chemistry to TSFX. I don’t know what my year would have otherwise looked like without these classes.
Student – Belmont High School

Very helpful and very engaging. I feel a lot more confident about the exam now. Definitely worth it!
Student – Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

I really enjoyed the lectures. The teachers were inspiring, the notes are amazing and I feel a lot more confident. Thanks TSFX!
Student – Kambrya


The School For Excellence turned my previous C average in Maths Methods into straight A’s in the final exams.
Student – Melbourne High School

My study score of 49 in Chemistry, and overall ATAR of 99.70 could not have been achieved without the help of your notes and the clarity of your lectures.
Student – Yarra Valley Grammar School

The School For Excellence really enhances your learning of a subject and helped me achieve the difference between an A and an A+. The teachers are great!
Student – MacRobertson Girls’ High School

Thank you so much for this year. I came from very below average in Methods Maths to above average. Your VCE programs were amazing and helped me so much.
Student – Eltham High School

I used to be a B grade student – I just needed a little more encouragement and motivation to be better to achieve A-grade results – and thanks to TSFX I have!
Student – Kilbreda College


Absolutely excellent notes. It was worth attending solely for the notes. I didn’t have to do any summaries as the notes were so thorough.
Student – Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC)

The notes are excellent and I always feel more confident after having undertaken a TSFX lecture! The sessions have definitely reduced the stress levels!
Student – Korowa Anglican Girls School

The School For Excellence provides excellent and thorough notes, and covers all aspects of a course – including exam traps not taught at school.
Student – Camberwell Grammar School

Very, very fantastic. Extremely helpful. The notes will easily half my study time, and double my chances of getting a great score. The lecturers were both brilliant. Thanks so much!!
Student – St. Patrick’s College

I absolutely loved the TSFX notes – there are just so many and the lectures run for more time than other lectures. I received invaluable advice from TSFX and would highly recommend these lecture programs to prospective Year 11 and Year 12 students. TSFX is the best in terms of preparing Year 12’s to succeed.
Student – Fitzroy College


I found the lectures absolutely fantastic! Not only were the lecturers informative, but they were very engaging and explained the topics extremely clearly. They have clarified and helped me consolidate the course work and what is necessary for great exam performance.
Student – Mater Christi College

This teacher was absolutely amazing.  Very knowledgeable, encouraged questions and ensured everything was clarified clearly. Picked a great amount and choice of easy and hard questions pointing out and explaining key common mistakes.
Student – Bacchus March Grammar

I was impressed with the lectures and just how much of the course was covered, as well as the generous supply of notes and questions we were given. All aspects of the course were explained thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand. I will definitely be attending Unit 4 lectures. Thanks heaps.
Student – Mazenod College

Thoroughly engaging, lecturers possessed excellent diction and ability to pass on vital information swiftly and efficiently. The most impressive revision lecture I’ve attended.
Student – The Peninsula School

Why would anyone be unhappy? They are the absolute best teachers from Victoria.
Student – St Patrick’s College


Excellent lecturer. Engaging. Notes are amazing, well worth it.
Student – Brighton Secondary College

Very helpful and very engaging. I feel a lot more confident about the exam now. Definitely worth it!
Student – Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

This revision lecture was so helpful. I’m glad I invested my time and money to attend such a fantastic seminar. Thanks for all the good quality notes and engaging lecturers.
Student – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

The 600 km travelled and money spent was most definitely worth it. I’d do it again any day.
Student – Red Cliffs Secondary College

A very beneficial course which boosted my marks from a D to an A!! Definitely worth every $$$!!
Student – Darul Ulum College