Questions Regarding TSFX

The School For Excellence (TSFX) is a leading Australian education provider that delivers educational services to help students maximise their Year 11 and Year 12 marks.

TSFX offers a range of programs designed to help students reduce workloads, decrease stress levels, and maximise scores. These include revision programs before examinations, intense weekly tuition classes, study skills and examination strategy lectures, as well as specialised courses that prepare students in advance of each school term.

Our online resource portal “ATAR Central” provides exclusive resources to help students prepare for their SACs and exams, including: notes, tests, exam papers, worksheets, pracs, A/A+ essays and projects.

Our speciality lies in the English, Mathematics, Science and Commerce subjects.

At TSFX, you will be taught by current and experienced VCE teachers – many of whom are authors of VCE textbooks, as well as writers and markers of the VCE examinations.

Our teachers are selected following stringent enquiries regarding their experience and performance at schools, level of enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to VCE students. Teachers are interviewed to ascertain these qualities, as well as their communication skills, and then they are subjected to the most stringent of selection techniques – student feedback and assessment. Our quality control processes don’t end when a teacher is commissioned for our programs. Our teachers regularly undergo performance assessments so as to maintain our unparalleled reputation for quality and excellence.

No – we find that we do not need to test our teachers for subject knowledge before commissioning them for our programs. This measure would only be required if an organisation was not confident with the quality of their applicants or teaching staff. Furthermore, testing teachers using past examinations that are freely available for purchase by both students and teachers is not an effective means of choosing appropriate teachers to present lectures and tutorial classes.

In recent years, the number and diversity of study resources available to VCE students has significantly increased. One growth area has been education institutions that provide additional study support to VCE students outside of school hours.

On paper, these education services sound the same, but in reality, their differences are significant enough to warrant closer inspection.

So how does TSFX differ from other lecture/program providers?

  • We have a genuine understanding of what’s required to achieve excellence.
  • Our students receive the most comprehensive and detailed notes available in Victoria.
  • We only use qualified vce teachers and exam assessors – not university students.

Not only do recent VCE graduates lack teaching experience, they have not had any formal instruction in most of the topics they’ll be lecturing in. Experience is the best teacher, and an important asset at this end-game stage of the VCE.

  • Testimonials from past students attest to the fact that TSFX is the pre-eminent lecture/program provider in the state. No other VCE program provider has been able to match the quality and depth of materials that are issued to students who attend TSFX programs!
  • We offer a wealth of knowledge not available elsewhere.
  • We offer the benefits of more than 25 years experience.
  • We have an unrivalled reputation for producing outstanding results.

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Questions Regarding Our Notes

Every student who attends our programs is given a comprehensive set of notes that include every key concept that could be examined, worked examples with step-by-step instructions and exercises to further reinforce concepts and assist in SAC and exam preparation. These materials are designed to cover the required knowledge to an A+ standard, and to eliminate the need for students to waste valuable study time preparing summaries before the exams.

To provide students with the ultimate edge in their examinations, our teachers also analyse the major text books used by Victorian schools, and integrate beneficial concepts and applications into our course materials. This gives students exposure to the major resources used across the state, without having to purchase or read through these valuable learning tools. This incredibly important feature is not offered by any other lecture program provider!

The notes that are given to students who attend TSFX programs come complete with a large collection of examination-style questions – significantly more than that offered by other program providers! As an example, students who attended our Unit 3 Mathematical Methods Exam Revision lectures received 433 pages of notes and 313 exam-style questions!

Our notes are not for individual sale, but are distributed at no additional charge to the students attending our lectures and tuition classes.

The materials issued to students attending our programs are the copyright property of The School For Excellence and have been produced for the exclusive use of students attending this program. Reproduction of the whole or part of these documents constitutes an infringement in copyright and can result in legal action. No section of our notes can be reproduced, copied, scanned, stored in a retrieval system, communicated, transmitted or disseminated, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of The School For Excellence (TSFX).

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General Questions Regarding Our Programs

Complete the relevant paper or online application form and submit this together with your payment to TSFX.

We discourage on day enrolments as we cannot guarantee that there will be any spare places or copies of notes available. If you are unable to finalise your enrolment prior to a lecture, please call or email TSFX so that where possible, provisions for your attendance can be made.

In general, TSFX has a ‘no discount’ policy for multiple subject enrolments. Instead, we offer the lowest possible hourly fee so that every student can benefit from our courses, irrespective of their financial circumstances or number of enrolled subjects. Furthermore, discounting invariably leads to a dilution in the quality of services – something we’re not prepared to compromise on across such important academic years. We are completely committed to providing students with the highest quality programs, which requires continual supplementation to course materials, as well as extensive research into examination patterns and features – all of which require significant funding, as well as exceptional and committed teachers. We view your investment into TSFX as a vital investment into your future.

If a student isn’t satisfied with the quality of any of our programs, we’ll make the relevant inquiries and investigations, and issue a refund if the course was not performed to our high expectations. This is, however, a rare occurrence at TSFX, as we invest significant time, energy and funds into ensuring that students are presented with the ultimate and most comprehensive VCE programs.

At times, our courses may seem more expensive than those offered by other program providers. However, when you compare the price of a lecture or tuition class, you’ll find that TSFX offers the greatest value for money on an hourly basis. We make our programs longer in duration to ensure that you get the best instruction and value for your time and money.

TSFX has been instrumental in helping thousands of students obtain 90+ ATAR results, with several of our students obtaining perfect 99.95 scores each year! Even past students who achieved 99.95 ATAR scores have stated that TSFX made a significant difference to their academic performance and confidence levels during the VCE.

The degree of improvement in academic performance is, however, dependent upon the amount of time students dedicate to their studies and their desire to succeed – factors that are integral in obtaining the high ATAR results.  So although we can’t guarantee specific scores, we can ensure that you’ll be provided with some of the best teachers in the state, a thorough set of study notes, an environment that makes learning interesting and enjoyable, an improvement in marks, and the best possible chance of success in your VCE.

No matter how dedicated or gifted a teacher may be, many students need or will benefit from additional revision and extension opportunities, as well as increased exposure to examination skills and techniques.

Unfortunately, many schools neither have the time nor resources available to allocate to the individual needs of all students. The provision of high quality educational services such as those offered by The School For Excellence offers many students the opportunity to achieve higher examination marks, improving their prospects of securing a position in their preferred tertiary courses.

Students are strongly encouraged to approach teachers during breaks or at the end of each lecture/class to address their individual questions. Most students, however, find that their questions are addressed as teachers are delivering their lecture/class. Our teachers spend a considerable amount of time structuring each presentation and the corresponding notes so they address common student problems, as well as the typical mistakes that are made in tests and examinations.

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Questions Regarding Our Lecture Programs

During our head start programs you will work through the following semester’s materials to an A+ standard in an effective, simple, step-by-step fashion. You will also gain advance exposure to SAC and examination-style questions and learn key problem-solving skills that will help you get the higher marks.

During the course of our exam revision lectures we will review and then extend on the materials covered at school, expose students to a large collection of potential examination questions and develop the problem-solving and analytical skills that are required to secure those higher marks. To maximise examination scores, students will also receive intense instruction regarding examination strategies and VCAA marking schemes, common exam tricks and student errors, as well as vital misconceptions which result in the loss of valuable marks in the exams.

As the amount of time available in the Master Classes is significantly greater than that available during our lectures, our tuition classes enable students to cover examinable materials at a slower pace, and of course, in much greater detail.

We do not believe in superficial overviews. We therefore make our programs as long as is necessary to cover materials to the required standard, and to ensure that you get the best value for your time and money.

Writing notes, as well as working through materials on your own, can be quite boring and time consuming. Most students will therefore put off their studies, resulting in higher stress levels and workloads throughout the year.

Our head start programs offer students an inescapable study arrangement, enabling you to get ahead in a highly effective, time efficient and relatively painless manner.

Intensive revision lectures, like those offered by TSFX, will leave you feeling confident about what you know, informed about what you need to correct, and with a great set of notes that will save you hundreds of hours in study time.

In addition:

  • You will hear different explanations, ideas and exam tricks and traps – all which help to increase examination marks.
  • Not only will an exam revision lecture ensure that you revise course materials in the most efficient way, they also get you in the right frame of mind for independent work.
  • You will decrease the time it takes to revise course materials. Experienced lecturers can cover the course far more quickly than you can on your own, and they can also direct you towards the areas that need more focus and attention.
  • You will minimise procrastination opportunities and to ensure they get the most from their school holidays.

You will be taught by VCE exam assessors and develop a significant advantage over your state-wide peers. Assessors have access to important information that many teachers are not aware of, and which can make a significant difference to your VCE marks.

The world’s leading educational specialists agree that lectures/seminars are the best way of working through large amounts of information across a short period of time, as is the case when preparing for tests and examinations. By using both audio and visual delivery vehicles simultaneously, it is possible to work through 5 times more theory and absorb 5 times more information than if you were to work through the same materials on your own! Students attending our programs also receive fully comprehensive A+ notes that will save hundreds of hours in research and writing time!

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Questions Regarding Our Master Classes

For the ultimate learning experience and the most in-depth preparation for the examinations, nothing surpasses our Master Class programs.

The Master Classes are specialised weekly tuition classes that are designed to ensure that students reach their full potential, be that a two grade improvement or the elite A+ scores.

During this program, you will cover the entire Unit 1, 2, 3 or 4 syllabus before extending on the more difficult sections of each course. You will also gain exposure to the tricks and traps that appear in examinations, learn how to avoid common student pitfalls, as well as critical strategies that will maximise examination marks.

These courses do require some commitment from students, but will certainly make an impact on VCE scores!

The challenge for school teachers to comprehensively cover course materials within a limited time frame is often highly demanding. The sheer volume of course materials often means there is insufficient time for teachers to solidly review all aspects of the VCE syllabus, and extend on taught principles before examinations.

The role of TSFX is to build on the teaching that takes place in schools, and provide students with the opportunity to review and reinforce key concepts, so as to improve knowledge retention, recall and application skills. Furthermore, we extend on taught concepts and skills, exposing students to more advanced applications, as well as effective strategies for examination preparation and performance.

Our teaching philosophy is based on proven methodologies – systems that enable all students to reach their optimum academic performance. In fact, many students have commented that they learn more in the two hours spent in the Master Classes than during the time they spend at school!

As the amount of time available in the Master Classes is significantly greater than that available during our lectures, our tuition classes enable students to cover examinable materials at a slower pace, and of course, in much greater detail.

Furthermore, as concepts are regularly reviewed, many students find they have very little to learn prior to examinations. With the knowledge that they have had the best possible preparation for their assessments, our students tend to perform to a far greater level than that which they had previously anticipated.

Our average class size is 22. However, we do have many classes with significantly lower numbers.

If a teacher is of exceptional quality and experience, then class sizes are not an issue when attending classes/courses outside of school. We have spent more than 25 years developing our programs and course materials and find that because our instruction is so thorough, many students’ questions are answered before they find the opportunity to ask! If there are questions that remain to be addressed, there is ample time during breaks and after classes to do so.

We understand there may be personality differences between teachers and students. We also believe there is little merit in attending tuition classes if you cannot benefit fully from the instruction provided. Therefore, if you cannot identify with your teacher after the first two classes, we will change your class times and/or teachers.

We have found that group tuition is, in fact, superior to private tuition for most students. The group scenario allows for a great amount of interaction between students from all around the state, and provides a medium in which to share information and resources, as well as to offer support to one another. There is also the cost factor to consider – our classes are significantly cheaper than engaging a tutor. A teacher who has a good understanding of the VCE will ask for no less than $75 per hour, but may not provide the level of experience or expertise as the teachers involved in our Master Class programs. Furthermore, tutors rarely get the opportunity to produce comprehensive notes and develop exam revision courses for their students, as is the case in our Master Class programs.

Tutors are ideal for those students who require regular assistance in completing homework tasks. If you are a student who can grasp concepts but require a delivery vehicle that can explain difficult theories in a clear and simple manner, or require extension in order to reach those higher scores, the Master Class programs are the better option.

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Questions Regarding Our Free Study Skills & Exam Strategy Lectures

Any instruction that’s relevant to your VCE studies is beneficial – even if you don’t learn anything new.

Studies have shown that every time information is presented to us in a different way, additional neural connections are created. This improves your ability to remember what you’re learning, how well you can recall information when it is needed, and how well you can apply information in tests and exams.

But if past student feedback is anything to go by, you simply cannot afford to miss out on our study skills and exam strategy programs. Every student (ie. 100%) who has attended these lectures in recent years has indicated that the skills and strategies covered on the day would definitely improve their examination marks!

There are a few differences, the most significant being:

The study skills and exam strategy lecturer is a Year 12 Chemistry and Maths teacher, which means that the information and suggestions provided will be tailored to the requirements of a Year 12 student. The lecturer also has significant experience in cognitive science (the study of the brain and its processes), and is a leading study skills expert in Australia.

We’re familiar with the topics covered at other study skills programs, and can therefore confirm that the majority of what you’ll cover at our study skills and exam strategy programs is quite different!

There are a number of organisations running VCE lectures, and unfortunately, not all of these programs meet the standard required to prepare you for your SACs and exams.

We have therefore made our study skills and exam strategy programs free so that students, like you, can experience the quality and benefits of our lectures and notes, first-hand and risk-free. You’ll then be able to make informed decisions regarding which head-start and exam revision lectures to attend, should you choose to benefit from such programs throughout your VCE.

There are absolutely no catches. However, if you and/or your friends decide to attend our study skills or exam strategy programs, you’ll be required to make a minimum $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation representatives who will be present on the day.

Note: We’ve given every cent donated at our study skills and exam strategy lectures to charity!

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