What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and the “VCE Exam Revision Lectures”

“This was amazing. Everyone who didn’t come to this lecture and is doing English should be crying…”  

Student – Ruyton Girls School

“Very helpful. I would highly recommend TSFX to anyone who was serious about their education. TSFX never fails on quality.”

Student – Pascoe Vale Girls College

“I wasn’t expecting what I got. Truly exceptional. All the teachers are so enthusiastic about their subject and approachable too. One thing you just cannot afford to miss. Been hearing it from people that TSFX is awesome, experienced it myself today. :-) ”

Student – Ilim College

“Gave me confidence, peace of mind and clarified every question I had in the past. Over the few day I believe it raised my exam mark 10-15% (I sat an official practice exam and achieved 84%, which I attribute to these lectures.”

Student – Ballarat Grammar School

“I owe my three A+ mid year results to TSFX lectures, they are amazing!”
Student – Sacred Heart College

“I absolutely loved the TSFX notes – there are just so many and the lectures run for more time that other lectures. I received invaluable advice from TSFX and would highly recommend these lecture programs to prospective Year 11 and Year 12 students. TSFX is the best in terms of preparing Year 12s to succeed.”

Student – Fitzroy College

“I don’t think anyone can truly fathom how utterly essential TSFX lectures are! I have absolutely no doubt that participation in TSFX lectures such as these have a real effect on study scores and ATARs. I can’t stress how invaluable they are in discovering new exam techniques and methods in maximising my end of year marks. Thank you all so much. P.S Irena is a genius!”

Student – Yarrawonga College P-12

“The lectures were wonderful as always, the teachers were very confident in answering all my questions and provided even more insight than I was expecting. The revision notes have provided me with a great basis for my revision for the upcoming exams.”

Student – Lavalla Catholic College

“Overall an amazing lecture with insightful information on what’s required for top results.”

Student – Lalor Secondary College

“The TSFX lectures have given me the incentive to really kick start my preparation for the end of year exams, and to have confidence in my abilities as an English student. I would highly recommend these lectures to anyone who wants to ace their exams!!”

Student – The Hamilton and Alexandra College

“This revision lecture was so helpful. I’m glad I invested my time and money to attend such a fantastic seminar. Thanks for all the good quality notes and engaging lecturers.”

Student – Our Lady of Sacred Heart College

“I found the lectures absolutely fantastic! Not only were the lecturers informative, but they were very engaging and explained the topics extremely clearly. They have clarified and help me consolidate the course work and what is necessary for great exam performance :) Thank you!”

Student – Mater Christi College

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the lectures held by TSFX. They covered so many topics and areas that needed attention in a very efficient and clear manner. As well as refreshing my memory on many of the many topics studied this year and clearing up any questions, I think the lectures have helped me become more confident in myself. Thank you again so much!!! I am definitely coming again next year!!”

Student – Xavier College

“Easily one of the best lectures I could have attended to revise and learn new strategies.”

Student – Gisborne Secondary College

“Highly organised and experienced teachers, along with comprehensive notes that are not stressful to go through. Made me realise how to study smart, not hard; this experience was exactly what I needed.”

Student – John Monash Science School

“Very helpful and very engaging. I feel a lot more confident about the exam now. Definitely worth it!”

Student – Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

“All the lectures were very comprehensive. The teachers were friendly and easy to understand. Notes are very helpful. I would definitely recommend this lecture program to anybody undertaking a 3/4 subject.”

Student – Camberwell Grammar School

“Overall, I was impressed with the both the notes provided and the quality of the sessions. They ran surprisingly to time and quite smoothly. I am glad I have notes to refer back to as they will be invaluable in this stressful study period.”

Student – Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

“I haven’t been to a lot of revision lectures, however these were by far the best I’ve been to. The lecturers were all of a very high standard and I think I benefited a lot from the 3 days, which has definitely saved me a lot of hours of revision that I would otherwise have done at home over a much longer period of time. Very impressed overall – money well spent!”

Student – Ballarat Grammar School

“Absolutely incredible lecture series! The notes are clear and well presented, the teachers were paced perfectly and the questions covered were absolutely ideal! My confidence has grown significantly. And they have actually saved me hundreds of hours of revision. Thank you!!”

Student – Ballarat Grammar School

“Another great lecture. Thank-you and well done.”

Student – Bayside College

“I believe my A+ result for the Unit 3 examinations was due to your lectures. I have recommended TSFX to everyone I know. It is extremely helpful and the teachers were amazing! The lecture has provided me with confidence and given me the knowledge to succeed once again as well as reducing my stress!”

Student – Pascoe Vale Girls College

“This revision lecture was so helpful. I’m glad I invested my time and money to attend such a fantastic seminar. Thanks for all the good quality notes and engaging lecturers.”

Student – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

“Easily one of the best lectures I could have attended to revise and learn new strategies.”

Student – Gisborne Secondary College

“The lectures were great! They covered so much, so well and in such a short time!”

Student – Centre for Adult Education

“Absolutely loved it!”

Student – Lighthouse Christian College

“The lecturer showed us how to answer exam questions. She pointed out things to look out for to prevent us from making careless mistakes especially under exam-stress conditions. Overall, it was worthwhile attending this lecture as I learnt a lot in only 2 days.”

Student – The University High School

“Really good lecture. I did the Accounting mid-year and that is why I came back to TSFX. Again, the teachers/lecturers were great. ”

Student – Caulfield Grammar School

“TSFX has helped me learn concepts that was mentally challenging in a simplistic way. These lectures will definitely help me improve my score as I feel more confident about the forthcoming exam.”

Student – Salesian College

“..  the lectures and notes provided were of excellent quality and will assist greatly in preparing for exams and enhancing exam results. Attending the exam revision lectures last semester helped immensely and allowed me to gain exam results that were much higher than what I had expected, and would otherwise have received if I had not attended. Thank you!”

Student – Maulluna College

“I think that the lecture was very valuable. I feel that I came away from the lecture with lots of good exam tips especially for structuring exam questions. If I had to book another lecture tomorrow it would be with TSFX. I was very happy.”

Student – The Peninsula School

“Thank you for the lectures, although it was a little tiresome getting up early to go to the city, it was definitely well worth it. The questions are very interesting and difficult at the same time, and the notes are also very comprehensive and can be easily understood. I didn’t make my own bound book reference the entire year, and within 3 days, it is done. Thank you again!”

Student – Strathmore Secondary College

“Overall, I was impressed with the both the notes provided and the quality of the sessions. They ran surprisingly to time and quite smoothly. I am glad I have notes to refer back to as they will be invaluable in this stressful study period.”

Student – Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

“Overall a great and worthwhile program! Lecturers pointed out not just the minimum, but what you need for the highest marks.”

Student – Presbyterian Ladies College

“The lecturers were amazing, and the way our learning was based around ways of approaching different questions rather than just simply on theory that we can rote learn at home, was both impressive and helpful. TSFX has really outdone itself this time … The focus that both Irena and John put on modulus functions really helped me understand properly, as this is a concept I have been dreading all year. I am quickly working through the question banks at home, and I have found that not only are TSFX’s lectures wonderful, but each question in the resources that we are given are there for a reason – either because they are questions that are commonly done wrong by students, or just crucial concepts that will definitely be tested. Thus, I feel that everything TSFX has given us and put forward is so well thought out and well put together, that I commented to my friend several times throughout the lecture about how thoroughly Irena and the other lecturers/contributing teachers have gone through the methods course to give us the very best. It was worth every cent.”

Student – Haileybury Girls College

“It was really good and helpful, it was also fun as I got to revise with a lecturer as well which actually motivated me. ”

Student – East Preston Islamic College

“I LOVED the lecturer for using language to persuade for the TSFX seminar. He was so clear, and made it fun and at the same time helped us (my friends) and myself understand some context much more clearly than what we had been taught at school. I really did enjoy the seminar and I hope the rest of the seminars are going to be the same as the one I attended. I would advise others to attend the TSFX seminars. It’s very very beneficial! :) ”

Student – Mt Hira College

“This teacher was really enthusiastic and highlighted the important notes to be considered for the forthcoming exams. It was a great help. Thank You!”

Student – Minaret College

“I was very happy with the Mathematics lectures that I attended. Not only was the information presented clearly and insightfully, the lecturers were thorough in the little time that they had. All the lecturers were insightful and had extensive knowledge in their areas which was a great help for me. I learnt new ways to address examination questions and learnt about the common errors made. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone looking to feel confident with the upcoming exams.”

Student – St Peters College

“The notes are excellent and I always feel more confident after having undertaken a TSFX lecture! The sessions have definitely reduced the stress levels!”

Student – Korowa Anglican Girls School

“Irena’s lecture was by far the most efficient and informative lecture I have ever attended. Information was conveyed in an extremely easy to understand manner, whilst tips and exam strategies were invaluable. This lecture in co-operation with the others, will have saved hours of study time and will reduce stress leading up to the final exam. Thank-you”

Student – Sandringham College

“Notes are fantastic, lecturers were very engaging and helpful, covered all aspects of the course well. Would recommend to anyone taking Economics 3/4.”

Student – Caulfield Grammar School

“This was a very beneficial lecture. I learnt so much in those 2 hours and the notes were brilliant! The best TSFX lecture I’ve been to, thank you!”

Student – Minaret College

“Was very, very happy with this lecture, covered everything and outlined it in a clear way and the lecturers were very enthusiastic and very interesting to listen to. The best lecture I went to.”

Student – Vermont Secondary College

“Fantastic notes, engaging lecturers as well as thorough and insightful teachings that covered all of the necessary topics and more!”

Student – St Monica’s College 

“Great lecture! I would recommend it to all students!”

Student – East Preston Islamic College

“Great lectures and lecturers. Notes are fantastic and overall a very worthwhile program. Well done.”

Student – Lowther Hall Grammar School

“Just keep doing what you are doing! Excellent lecture! Great teachers as well.”

Student – St Bede’s College

“The teachers provided excellent tips and hints that I was not previously aware of and also stressed and highlighted the areas were most people go wrong and how essays receive top marks!!“

Student – The Knox School

“It was all very clear and concise, and well presented.”

Student – Huntingtower School

“I greatly appreciated the time that the teachers put into teaching/revising exam topics. The amount of work we covered in such a short amount of time and in such depth was amazing and it really will assist me for my exams. Thank you.”

Student – Luther College

“Perfect time duration, lecturer was very approachable and precise with her presentation. Extremely satisfied.”

Student – Camberwell Girls Grammar School

“I am 100% satisfied with this lecture. It covered the topics that I felt were my weakest, and broke them down in such an accessible and easy to understand way. I feel like I can walk into my exam now with confidence with the skills that I need to succeed.”

Student – Whitefriers College

“The lecture was fantastic. I now know concepts and strategies to put forth in my study and use in the exam that I didn’t previously understand.”

Student – Avila College

“Excellent – would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone to attend. Was a lot better than other programs I have been in and the lecturers are amazing. They go at an easy to follow pace and taught me how to better answer and approach questions :) :) ”

Student – CRC Sydenham

“Outstanding lecture!”

Student – Melbourne High School