What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and the “Master Classes”

“Thank-you for providing a fantastic tutoring service for VCE students. Without the assistance of the teachers at your facility, I believe I would not have received such wonderful results.”

“The teachers are highly commendable and I definitely would not have been able to achieve my ATAR of 96.10 without TSFX.”

“Thank you so much for this year. I came from very below average in methods to above average.  Your VCE seminars were amazing and helped me so much.”

“Thank you so much to the whole TSFX team, I couldn’t have achieved this score (99.80) without your help!”

“TSFX really helped me achieve my goal.”

“Found it very beneficial. There were some things that I hadn’t done it class yet and when we got to it at school I found it much easier to understand and grasp the concept.”

“I found the class extremely informative. The teacher was excellent and approachable in times of need.”

“Janette Matt is a flawless teacher teaching flawless classes that have enabled me to be ranked #1 in Methods so far this year at my school.”

“Great thorough notes and teachers with full understanding combined with an amazing environment has allowed me to achieve high scores.”

“I benefitted immensely from TSFX. My teachers Angela and Mai were excellent, but also extremely helpful were the materials provided through email. I will definitely come back next year, thanks so much for the year!”

“I found it very useful that our teacher was constantly challenging the class to think outside the box and outside the study design.”

“I really like Liz!! She makes me love VCEchemistry more and more each week. She emphasise the pit falls that students fall into when doing the exam. The notes are fantastic. Better than the text book. Sets out each topic clearly and is very easy to understand.”

“The class benefited me greatly on my SACs. The provided notes and questions are amazing and the teacher was also easy to understand and learn from.”

“The teacher has addressed many problems that I have not been aware of at the start before the Master Classes, and I’m so grateful that she’s stressed the important points and gave us acronyms to remember words and that link to each other. I’m looking forward to continue next semester’s Master Classes with her.”

“I think what makes the Physics class so helpful is the participation in class and the passion the teacher demonstrates. I look forward to Physics class a lot more now.”

“If it wasn’t for the past ten weeks and the knowledge I have gained through this course I would not be passing and succeeding in Math Methods at school.  It’s helped me become more confident in my abilities and has allowed me to reach my potential and then some more.”

“Teacher was highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and made me look forward to every week of class. My understanding of the subject would never have reached this level if it wasn’t for this expertise.

“I loved that we were given notes which saved me, personally, hours of time. The material was incredibly easy to understand as it used simple language unlike many chemistry text books. The master classes were splendid and helped reinforce areas of study which my teacher did not have time to explain thoroughly. I also feel confident walking into the exam knowing I am aware of tricks that other students will fall into. I think the program was fantastic!”

“An informative session and the notes & the practice exams were excellent.”

“Awesome class and awesome teacher!”

“Brilliant classes with a brilliant teacher who is clearly passionate about the subject. His additional hints not printed in the notes really made these classes super special, and have helped me to be ranked #1 in Specialist Maths at my school so far this year.”

“Classes were great! I appreciated the class a lot!”

“Couldn’t have done it without these classes.“

“Excellent teacher and I hope that she stays on to help other students like she has helped me!! Thank you.”

“Excellent teacher and very valuable sessions. By far the most interesting and valuable.”

“Excellent teacher because of her I’m now very good at Chemistry.”

“Fantastic teacher. I really appreciated her willingness to get extra materials and provide personalised marking of my practice essays.”

“I enjoyed every moment of what I learned in class and the teacher was really supporting.”

“I feel that I have benefited from these classes because the teacher knew everything he was talking about. He is a very intellectual teacher and greatly benefits TSFX.”

“She is a really great teacher, easy to understand and very knowledgeable in her field. She explains every step carefully and doesn’t miss out on a step. She’s really good.”

“It was an amazing class, because the teacher was brilliant!”

“Great booklet notes, amazing set of trial exams given and a very approachable teacher!”

“Mr Mac presents his lectures really well and he also emphasizes on important contents. His teaching method was unique and somehow makes me feel that Biology is the best subject I ever did. Biology could be boring sometimes but he makes it interesting and understandable.”

“Mr. Coyne was very enthusiastic and was an EXTREMELY entertaining teacher, which made the weekly sessions immensely enjoyable. I found the incorporation of PowerPoint presentations very beneficial, and I also thoroughly benefitted from his detailed explanations on how to write text responses and language analysis essays.”

“Ms Chrystiuk is an outstanding teacher, these classes have been of enormous help.”

“My chemistry teacher at school is terrible, but it doesn’t matter because Beth was a magnificent teacher and filled all the holes in my knowledge and her enthusiasm was contagious. THANK YOU!!”

“Simply fantastic English Master Class. Perfect teacher. I gained more confidence in my knowledge of the areas of study and the pointers/suggestions supplied by the teacher were exemplary. 2 hours spent well! :) ”

“The teacher made the classes fun and interesting. The notes that were given were very informative.”

“The teacher was very approachable and had a great understanding of the different needs of students.”

“The teacher was very engaging in the way she explained the content of the course.”

“This was an excellent A+ program that I felt was really improving my English.”

“Very informative and thorough. Notes were excellent and some exam tips were really useful.”

“The course was so worthwhile, best maths teacher I’ve ever had! Explained everything so well!

You didn’t complicate things, it was simple and logic and made my studying a lot more enjoyable.”

“Overall, I’m very pleased with the class, and Mrs. Veronica offered us with lots of eye-opening exam tips and worked thoroughly on HOW to answer questions.”

“A great teacher, she dumbs it down so that those who aren’t as strong as others can understand and aren’t left looking lost or just copying it down in a robotic fashion. Very useful and helpful as she was an examiner and could make emphases is on certain questions and how to tackle them. It will be due to her teaching that I will get the study score that I want.”

“At the start of the semester I felt very nervous and I was worried about starting Unit 4…but when I came to the TSFX Chemistry Master Classes I felt much, much better and I had very clear understandings of every topic covered and the teacher was AMAZING…I loved every moment of these classes I walked out of there with full confidence and positive attitude towards that subject. THANKYOU Ms Peng and mostly THANKYOU TSFX.“

“Best maths teacher ever.”

“Excellent and thorough classes that much improved my knowledge.”

“Excellent teacher. Extremely good at teaching, he knows what he is talking about and he made the class very interesting. PS: Could you please let me Mr Fitzgerald know that I got an A+ in my midterm exam due to his classes as my teacher at school gives us incorrect info all the time.”

“Great teacher! Loved her teaching style which was well-paced and very engaging. Hope to have her again next year. Notes and practice problems will also be extremely useful in preparation for the exam.”

“I found the teacher extremely interesting and easy to understand. Mr Fitzgerald knew his content and was very help full in explaining concepts, I have enjoyed his classes.”

“I have enjoyed these master classes and have benefited from Sarah’s teaching style. I like how she presented us with mnemonics to remember content, and am using the notes to revise and help me complete questions.”

“I have gained a better understanding and passion towards the subject through my teacher’s way of engaging the class and explaining things in a new way. Thank you so much.”

“I have had Anna for both semesters and she has been a fantastic teacher.”

“I love Ewa!!! I wish she taught me in school as well, one of the best teachers ever!!”

“Without Master Classes, I wouldn’t attain that thorough understanding of Biology that is, at times, difficult to achieve.”

“I was fortunate to have Mr Fitz for Biology. He was fantastic! Great enthusiastic teacher who knows his stuff.”

“Ian is an amazing teacher, he really knows what he is talking about and he is really enthusiastic about it. I loved his powerpoints and the way he explained everything! Thanks for all your help you guys are amazing.”

“I’m generally not a very good math student as most teachers go to fast for me or explain the topic in a way I understand, this class has helped me more than any other teacher at my school could. Maria explained everything the way I needed it to be and my marks increased significantly after a few weeks of class. It has provided me with better confidence and I now feel that I can sit the exam and not fail like I was expecting before the class. Thank you so much Maria!”

“It was a really, really great class. And I enjoyed it very much.”

“It was absolutely brilliant and has helped me a lot.”

“Janette Matt is brilliant. She made up practice exams based on what we’d covered so far and gave them to us, shared her exclusive exam marking knowledge so that we know exactly what to put down on the paper, explained everything clearly, gave us extra questions, and has definitely boosted my marks far above what they would have been.”

“Janette Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious. No doubt all her students were far more confident about the subject after her classes, and I feel as if I will now do very well. Janette is always very well organised, and brings along extra materials and practice exams, and these have been of great benefit.”

“Lynda was a great teacher who was very thorough in teaching us. Unfortunately our school curriculum isn’t at the same standard as these classes and I learnt more in the two hours each week than I did at school. The notes are an excellent reference and I highly rate the TSFX lectures.”

“Sarah is a really great teacher, she engaged the class and clearly explained key concepts. I wasn’t afraid to ask for help when I needed it.”

“Teachers were excellent, very knowledgeable and provided valuable information.”

“This semester’s Master Classes for Maths Methods proved extremely helpful in my studies, and my teacher was instrumental in the effectiveness of the classes as well as the coherent and engaging manner in which the topics were taught.”

“Thoroughly competent, approachable and helpful teacher that was enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable. Chemistry Master Classes gave me the confidence and knowledge my school Chemistry class lacked, and has helped me feel much more confident! Thanks!”

“TSFX has helped tremendously in my understanding with the materials concerning Maths Methods. I was glad I was able to take this course to further understand the materials covered in class.”

“These Chemistry Master Classes have been an invaluable learning tool. There is no way I would have the same depth of knowledge in Unit 4 Chemistry without Sarah and the TSFX notes. Thank you!”

“This class was fantastic, the teacher was great and helped explain quite difficult concepts and helped in gaining a thorough grasp of them, the notes were great, overall this class benefited me tremendously.”

“This teacher is the best!! She helped me thoroughly with the content of the HSC chemistry course and also helped me prepare for the SACs at school. This proved very useful and would recommend her to everyone!! Thanks a lot!!”

“This was a very enjoyable class and the teacher is truly there to see your scores improve and help you understand the course!! Awesome Teacher and would recommend her to anyone and this course to everyone!”