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VCE Master Classes

For the ultimate learning experience and the most in-depth preparation for your SACs and exams,
nothing surpasses our weekly tuition classes, otherwise known as the “VCE Master Classes”.

Dates: Program commences on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 

Unit 1 and 3 Intense Weekly Tuition Programs
The most comprehensive, integrated VCE program currently available to VCE students

Dream. Believe. Commit. Succeed.

Venue: The University of Melbourne – Elizabeth Blackburn School of Science

Our VCE Master Classes are specialised weekly tuition programs designed to ensure that students reach their full potential, be that a two-grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores. Just as importantly, this program enables students to complete their exam preparations well ahead of schedule, reducing stress levels and study loads in the challenging weeks leading up to the final exams.

Students attending our VCE Master Classes consistently deliver impressive results each year.

The average ATAR obtained by the students attending our VCE Master Classes in 2019 was 95.17, with 85% of students receiving an ATAR of 90 or above, many of which had previously received average or below average marks!

  • Revise, consolidate and extend on the materials covered at school to VCE exam standard.
  • Master concepts that students find difficult and that have been poorly addressed in past exams.
  • Learn examinable materials thoroughly, using techniques that will enable you to confidently answer the different types of questions that appear in the exams.
  • Work through an extensive collection of questions that aren’t commercially available, but are likely to appear in SACs and exams. These questions are designed to teach students how to apply taught concepts to questions they haven’t seen before – which is exactly what happens in the Year 11 and Year 12 exams.
  • Systematically prepare for the challenging analysis-style questions and master the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.
  • Learn how to set out answers in accordance with the marking schemes used in the VCE examinations.
  • Develop strong problem-solving strategies and learn how to dissect and interpret complex examination questions.
  • Regularly revise important concepts so there is no need to waste valuable time re-learning topics before your exams.

  • By attending classes on a weekly basis, you’ll get the opportunity to regularly revise difficult concepts, build on applications and systematically prepare for the challenging analysis-style questions.
  • The majority of class time is spent working through examination-style questions, as well as the applications used to determine which students receive the A/A+ grade scores.
  • You’ll complete a large part of your exam preparations ahead of the state, giving you a significant advantage over your state-wide peers.
  • You’ll reduce stress levels and study-loads in the challenging weeks leading up to the exams.
  • You’ll be taught by VCE assessors – the very same teachers that will be marking the exams you’ll soon sit.
  • You’ll benefit from the advice and information being delivered in many top performing schools across the state – preparing you to a standard that cannot be achieved by only attending one school.
  • Our Master Classes reduce opportunities to procrastinate. In addition, the fun and friendly environment goes a long way in taking the stress and boredom out of studying!

There are other great benefits to attending the Master Classes. Please refer to the brochure to learn additional ways this program will help you save time and maximise your ATAR, irrespective of your past academic performance.

This highly successful program includes over 20 hours of expert instruction from experienced VCE teachers and VCE exam assessors /markers (not past VCE/current university students) and up to an additional 15 hours of bonus content consisting of:

  • Eight (8) 2.5 hour small group face-to-face* or live streamed classes that provide in-depth coverage of the upper intermediate and harder level assessable skills and concepts.
  • 5 hours of pre-recorded, on-demand classes that thoroughly revise the easier and lower intermediate level assessable skills and concepts. (Not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • Unlimited access to edited recordings of the live and pre-recorded classes in your enrolled subjects until after your end-of-year exams. Unlimited access will also be provided to recordings of classes delivered by other teachers in your enrolled subject(s) so you can benefit from different explanations and perspectives. BONUS FEATURE
  • A trial examination to be completed under examination conditions (not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • A detailed exam correction session where an experienced VCE exam assessor works through the trial paper, applying the marking schemes adopted in the VCE exams. BONUS FEATURE
    (Recorded classes – Not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English).

You will also receive:

  • Detailed and comprehensive A+ course notes.
  • An “Exam Kit” consisting of a generous collection of commercially produced trial examination papers and worked solutions (Not available in Unit 1 and Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • Specialised classes designed to improve VCE marks, including SAC preparation classes and advanced level study skills instruction. BONUS FEATURE
    • Access to an exclusive resource portal offering downloadable worksheets, tests and quizzes, supplementary notes, checklists, videos, graphics and e-books in every available subject, irrespective of which subject(s) you have enrolled into. BONUS FEATURE

    The VCE Master Classes are ideal for those students wanting to:

    • Maximise their SAC marks and subject rankings.
    • Build strong and effective examination skills.
    • Work through official VCE examination papers progressively and systematically across the year.
    • Gain exposure to a wide variety of potential examination questions.
    • Complete as much of their exam preparations as early as possible, and reduce stress levels and study loads in the challenging weeks before the exams.
    • Maximise ATAR results.

    *Covid – 19 Contingency Plan:

    In the event that government directives prohibit the delivery of our Master Classes in person (face-to-face), classes will be live streamed, enabling real time audience participation. Sessions will include real time screen capture and annotations, a video stream of the lecturer, chats, polls and quizzes, as well as live support.

What are the VCE Exam Booster Classes?

The VCE Exam Booster Classes are highly targeted courses dedicated to the mastery of examination techniques and building higher-level problem-solving/analytical skills. Due to time constraints, these important skills are rarely taught or cultivated at schools, but are essential if students are aiming for the higher VCE marks. Students attending these exam-focused classes will also learn to spot, anticipate and process exam tricks and traps and develop techniques to maximise marks in the more challenging questions that appear in exams. Significant attention will be placed on learning to recognise what information must be included in exam responses, and how to structure perfect answers that reflect the marking schemes used by VCE exam assessors to mark the VCE exams.

This unique and extremely beneficial program is an investment that every Year 11 and Year 12 student should seriously consider, and will certainly improve test and examination marks!

General Details:

Each VCE Exam Booster subject course consists of three 2.5 hour classes per Unit and are available in the following subjects:

Unit 3 & 4 Biology
Unit 3 & 4 Chemistry
Unit 3 Further Mathematics
Unit 3 & 4 Mathematical Methods
Unit 3 & 4 Physics
Unit 3 & 4 Psychology
Unit 3 & 4 Specialist Mathematics
Unit 1 & 2 Chemistry
Unit 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods.


Normally valued at $159 per subject and unit, the VCE Exam Booster Classes in a subject &  unit are free of charge when you enrol into the same subject & unit Master Class course. For example, if you’re planning to enrol into, or have already enrolled into the Unit 3 Chemistry Master Classes, you’ll receive the Unit 3 Chemistry Exam Booster Classes at no charge!