Current VCE Program: VCE Exam Revision Lectures 2023

Revise & Extend. Reduce Stress & Study Loads. Maximise Examination Marks.
Comprehensive, Interactive, Live StreamedExam Revision Lectures

Dates: 16 September 2023 to 29 September 2023

“The programs and materials of TSFX are exceptional in their quality. Any school looking for a lecture provider can be confident that TSFX would deliver high quality lectures and notes, be reliable and professional, and would work hard to ensure that expectations were exceeded. I have worked with several commercial providers of VCE lectures and tuition classes over the years and can unreservedly recommend TSFX as a superior provider of these resources.”
Teacher – John Monash Science School

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to book your students into any of our programs or to develop a program to meet
your school’s requirements. We can be contacted on (03) 9663 3311 or via email: [email protected].

TSFX offers generous discounts for school group bookings.

Key Program Details

  • Two different revision intensities to choose from:

VCE Exam Essentials Lectures:

These highly beneficial lectures are designed for students seeking key exam insights that only a VCE exam assessor(marker) can provide & to thoroughly revise examinable materials, focusing on the topics students typically find difficult & are poorly answered in the VCE exams. Courses are available by unit.

VCE Exam Highlights Lectures:

These comprehensive 3.5 hour exam revision lectures are designed for students seeking valuable advice & key exam insights from experienced VCE exam assessors(markers) WITHOUT engaging in a detailed review of course materials.

  • Prepared & delivered by experienced VCE teachers who are current or recent VCE exam assessors (VCAA).
  • Free enrolment for one teacher per enrolled subject.
  • A fast & effective way to revise large amounts of information (it’s much faster for an experienced teacher to take students through the revision process compared to them revising on their own).

Note: Our programs meet the DET rural funding requirements.

What Will Students Receive?

Available ‘NOW’:

Subject to available stock, the revised 2023 A+ exam revision lecture notes will be sent to students via Australia Post before the end of the next business day!

Students will also receive UNLIMITED 24/7 access to:

  • The online notes & AV recordings of the 2022 VCE Exam Revision Lectures (in their enrolled subjects).
  • The AV recordings of our ‘Mastering the Exams’ lectures – mark boosting program that will help decrease stress levels, improve confidence, raise motivation and significantly cut down on the time students spend preparing for their exams.

Students can then use these notes & recordings until 1 December 2023 to:

  • Get ahead of school;
  • Thoroughly prepare for their SACs in a fast & effective way;
  • Work through challenging concepts at their own pace;
  • Start their exam revision well before their state-wide peers!

Students Will Also Receive:

  • Comprehensive revision of examinable materials from a completely different perspective; exposing them to different interpretations, ideas & solution processes. Emphasis will be placed on the more challenging concepts, as well as the areas that have been poorly addressed in past VCE exams.
  • Key exam insights that only a VCE exam assessor can provide.
  • A thorough set of A+ subject notes (no need for students to waste time preparing their own revision materials!)
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to an AV recording of the lecture(s) in their enrolled subjects (including screen annotations) until 1 December 2023.
  • A large collection of exam-style questions (& solutions) to further consolidate & extend on taught skills at home.
  • A fast & effective way to prepare for their exams (it’s much faster to have an experienced teacher take students through examinable materials compared to them revising on their own)
  • The highest quality instruction from Victoria’s most trusted VCE program provider.

Students will leave our lectures feeling confident about what they know,
informed about what they need to correct, and in the right frame of mind for independent study.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximising Your Examination Marks

FREE When You Enrol into a VCE Exam Revision Subject Course
Valued at $300

‘Mastering the Exams’ is a unique program designed to help students achieve the highest possible marks in their exams. This highly beneficial program is exclusive to TSFX and consists of over 6 hours of valuable, mark boosting advice that will decrease stress levels, improve confidence, raise motivation and significantly cut down on the time students spend preparing for their exams.

Some of the topics that are covered during ‘Mastering the Exams’ include:

How to get started on the huge task of preparing for the exams. Preparing comprehensive A+ exam study notes in the fastest possible time.
The biggest mistakes students make when preparing for their exams (& how to avoid them). Maximising concentration, productivity & learning speed.
Reasons why students don’t get the marks that reflect the time & effort they invest in their studies. Highly effective time management strategies.
Planning & executing effective & flexible exam study timetables that actually work! Stress management techniques.
The fastest way to prepare for your exams. Procrastination & demotivation hacks.
The most effective & time-saving learning techniques known to man! Optimising brain function during high stress periods.
Developing strong problem-solving skills & examination techniques. Managing anxiety, panic attacks & ‘mind blanks’ in the exams.
Preparing for the challenging application/analysis-style questions. Miscellaneous factors that will help & those that hinder exam performance.
The smartest way to work through past exam papers. The art of “exam chess” (rarely used techniques & strategies that will make a HUGE IMPACT on exam marks).

Presented by a leading, respected study skills/learning specialist, these lectures guarantee to improve your exam marks!

Delivery: Fully Edited AV Recordings of a 3 Part Live Streamed Lecture
Lecture Type: Learning Strategies & Exam Skills
Suitable for: Students Studying Year 11 or 12 of ALL Academic Abilities
Investment: Valued at $300, our “Mastering the Exams” lectures are FREE OF CHARGE when you enrol into a VCE Exam Revision subject course.

Program Notes:

The notes that the lecturer will be working through can be purchased for a small fee to cover the costs of printing & postage. Not only will these detailed, comprehensive notes improve your lecture experience, there are many additional exam-focused topics included in this 133 page guide that are not covered during these lectures. This ‘perfect bound’ book is professionally printed and enclosed in a full colour gloss cover, and can be purchased for just $20.

These lectures will not disappoint.
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve your examination marks!