English – Unit 3 & 4 – Analysing & Presenting Argument – A+ Subject Notes


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What do experienced VCAA assessors find most important in the Study Design?

Find out in our exclusive VCE Exam Essentials study guides – a new publication written, reviewed and published by the same teachers who will be marking your VCE exams!

In this study guide you will:

  • Receive a comprehensive A+ overview of the Argument and Persuasive Language task and criteria for assessment
  • Learn how to dissect & present your analysis about how points of view are presented
  • Discover how to write controlled, high quality responses which present arguments & points of view using language that is specific to the exam assessment criteria.
  • Develop the skills required to deliver effective and engaging oral presentations
  • Receive sample A+ responses

All written to VCAA examination standard.

An essential tool for maximising your examination marks!

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