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Individual Text Analysis – All The Light We Cannot See – VCE Exam Revision Lectures 2023 – On Demand


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Revise & Extend. Reduce Stress & Study Loads. Maximise Your SAC & Exam Marks.

Duration: 2 hours

Delivery: These fully edited, pre-recorded lectures are available ON DEMAND & have been produced using state of the art technology systems & software applications. Each video includes a full screen capture of the materials displayed to students, all annotations made during each lecture & a video stream of the teachers as they’re delivering their presentation(s).

Access to these pre-recorded lectures will be provided from 28 June 2023.

Access credentials will be provided via email and lecture notes will be sent via Australia Post.

In stock

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Unit 3 English – Individual Text Analysis – All The Light We Cannot See – VCE Exam Revision Lectures

Revise & Extend. Reduce Stress & Study Loads. Maximise Your SAC & Exam Marks.

What Will be Covered?

Our ‘Unit 3 Exam Revision Lectures’ draw on the key knowledge & key skills detailed in the 2023 VCE Study Design & are presented by qualified, experienced VCE teachers who are current or recent VCE exam assessors for VCAA.

These lectures are designed to thoroughly revise examinable materials whilst topics are still fresh in mind & extend on the knowledge you’ve acquired so you can secure the highest possible ATAR result.

You will also:

  • Work through carefully selected exam-style questions that target the key knowledge most likely to appear in the exam(s).
  • Receive first-hand advice regarding how marks are awarded in the exams and what to include in your responses to get full marks. Note: There can be large differences between what schools expect from students in their SACs and what the VCE exam assessors look for when marking the VCE exams. If an answer doesn’t comply with the marking criteria VCE exam markers must follow, no marks will be awarded – even if what you wrote was what you were taught at school.
  • Revise the harder concepts (not just the basic principles) & cover the areas that have been poorly addressed in past VCE exams.
  • Learn new problem-solving strategies & strengthen exam skills so you can secure every possible mark in your exams.
  • Discover the safest & most effective way to work through questions you haven’t seen before.
  • You’ll fill in gaps in knowledge and correct theoretical misconceptions that result in lower exam marks.
  • You’ll work through key exam-style questions and learn to recognise potential sources of error.
  • Learn how to spot and process the tricks and traps that result in the loss of valuable examination marks.


What Will I Get When I Enrol?

  • The highest quality instruction from experienced VCE teachers who are current or recent markers of the VCE exams (not unqualified university students).
  • Engaging & interactive teaching that caters for different learning styles.
  • Key exam insights that only a VCE exam marker can provide. (This is the type of inside knowledge that will give you a huge edge in your exams!)
  • Detailed & comprehensive A+ notes that include every key examinable concept, clear & concise explanations, fully worked examples with step-by-step instructions & exam watch-outs – saving you countless hours in study time. Notes will be sent by express post & scheduled to arrive at your nominated address by 28 June 2023.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to a recording of the audio-visual presentation for each enrolled subject until the end of term 3.
  • A large collection of exam-style questions to further consolidate & extend on taught skills & concepts at home.
  • The skills and information needed to perform to a high standard in the VCE exams.
  • A level playing field (students taught by VCE exam assessors DO get an advantage over other students).

Why Should I Enrol into a Unit 3 Exam Revision Lecture?

Revise & Extend. Reduce Stress & Study Loads. Maximise Your SAC & Exam Marks.

When you enrol into an exam revision lecture, you will:

  • Revise and extend on the Unit 3 course to VCE exam standard whilst topics are still fresh in mind.
  • Extend your knowledge to VCE exam standard & reduce stress and pressure at the end of the year.
  • Prepare for your exams in the fastest & most painless way!
  • Save countless hours in study time (it’s much faster to have an experienced VCE teacher take you through course materials rather than revising on your own!)
  • Complete a large part of your exam preparations stress free and well ahead of your state-wide VCE peers.
  • Reduce stress levels and study loads in the challenging weeks before your exams.
  • Learn how to set out answers in accordance with the marking schemes used by VCE exam markers.
  • Watch edited recordings of your lectures as many times as it takes for you to feel confident with the topics that will be examined, and to fast track your exam preparations.
  • Get the information that only a VCE exam marker (VCE exam assessor) can provide.
  • Leave our lectures having made a big impact on your exam preparations, feeling confident about what you know, informed about what you need to correct, and in the right frame of mind for independent study.
  • Maximise your SAC & examination marks!
  • A few hours logged in to a TSFX exam revision lecture can really make a huge difference to the time you spend studying, and your VCE marks!

“TSFX was by far the best revision company I’ve been to, extremely well worth it.”
Student – Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School

“Amazing lecture with amazing and well-experienced instructors. I’m so happy I was able to attend these lectures, they will definitely boost my ATAR.”
Student – Bayside P-12 College

“I’m glad I chose to be with TSFX for all my subjects”
Student – Bendigo Secondary College

“The platform used for this class was excellent and the teacher was fantastic. Excellent tips and explanations. Amazing notes!”
Student – Eltham High School

“These lectures were a game changer in my holiday revision. Every lecture included amazing tips and advice…which have greatly improved my self-confidence and ability to answer exam questions.”
Student – Fintona Girls School


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