Meet Viktor – VCE Survivor

Hey, I hope you’re having a great time and a relaxing weekend.

We all get told about the importance of self-directed study and preparation and I was no exception. But, after completing VCE and working with the Science Olympiad Summer School as well as forcing myself to study during those two painful years, I can tell you that nothing can help you as much as a dedicated, interested and skilled group of teachers:

#  Ones who know what they are doing.
#  Ones who can make even the most dread and boredom-inducing topics interesting.
#  And most importantly, ones that are easy to understand.

TSFX offers just that – a professional and engaging group of teachers interested in YOU achieving the result YOU want. I missed out on that – and I still kick myself about it (and it has already been a while).

Why suffer the stress when you can already be on top of the work for just the fraction of your time? We all know that feeling when a concept just “doesn’t make sense” or the book is full of paragraphs and paragraphs of wordy and wooly text that just confuses you even more. Add to that a healthy dose of doing all your SAC’s in a short span of time and the result – well, it’s not pretty.

#  It’s the all round stress – which all of my friends and myself went through.
#  It’s the disappointment with yourself when walking out of the SAC room – experienced that often enough too.
#  It’s the worry about whether you did everything you could to prepare. And be honest with yourself there.

And Winter School is the way to avoid all that – with high-quality help from senior teachers and even PHD’s in their field. It’s the help that we all need but tell ourselves that “it will be fine”. It’s the help that is far more necessary than most teachers will say that it is.

What you do is really up to you, but I can honestly say that I haven’t seen more professionalskilled and engaging teachers outside of TSFX. And I do still regret about not making it to the lectures – especially after meeting the teachers in person and hearing the student feedback.

Anyway, I wish you the best for the ride that VCE is.

Viktor Prypoten – Pharmaceutical Science Adv. Hon. student, past VCE student and ASI Biology Summer School alumnus.