Live-Streamed and Interactive Programs

The TSFX Summer School program will be live streamed and interactive, featuring real time screen capture and annotations using tried and tested delivery technologies to ensure you get a high quality experience.

Additional Features of the program include:

  • Real time audience participation
  • Chats, polls, quizzes
  • All bound course notes/books express post delivered to your home
  • Full on screen detailed workings and annotations
  • Live support
  • Q & A time with VCAA assessors
  • Unlimited access to the recording of each session until 30 June 2021

Why Aren’t We Running in Person Sessions?

Until we receive advice from the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services that it’s safe to gather in large groups, we’ve made the decision that all sessions will be live-streamed and recorded for the foreseeable future.

Further, our programs traditionally bring together students from a huge range of areas and schools. This, under usual circumstances is a fantastic opportunity for students to interact with their peers, but one that is not safe at the current time.

Under the live-stream/recordings arrangements, students and their parents can be assured, as much as possible, that their education will not be interrupted by further restrictions as we’re able to continue the program as advertised if restrictions are changed.

What Do Students Say About TSFX Live-Streamed Lectures?

“The live streamed lectures made it really convenient, not only during this particular situation, but I wouldn’t have been able to attend in person as I live in regional Victoria. The live stream made it easy to still feel involved and ask questions.”

TSFX 2021 Winter School Program

“I just wanted to write, I thought the online lectures were done really well. Even though I wasn’t there in person, I wasn’t missing on any educational experience.”

“The online lectures were well organised and was a great adaption to the lockdown, thank you for having me!”

“All the lecturers were extremely nice and interactive with students, they got through the content at a perfect rate and really addressed everything as well as answering questions! Loved it, thank you!”

“I really like the fact that we get recordings of our lectures.”

“The best thing was that you guys recorded the lessons so we can go back and watch them.”

“I absolutely loved the lectures I attended this year! I have already recommended TSFX to all of my friends.”

“I think the online lectures encouraged me to do more as it was convenient and it saved time and organisation to get to the lectures. Highly recommend staying with the online lectures. Love that I can re watch it and access it at a later time as well.”

Students who attended our live-streamed and interactive sessions during the July and September school holidays in 2020 were asked what they thought of the live-stream as opposed to in person sessions.

In the July Winter School program 97% said they were happy with the live-stream and 62% of those students actually preferred it to in-person sessions.

In the September Final Exam Revision program 99% said they were happy with the live-stream and 66% of those students actually preferred it to in-person sessions.