Analytical Thinking & Writing – The Key to Success in VCE English

Discover how to take your English marks to the next level.
Learn systematic, foolproof, high level analytical thinking and writing strategies that will
greatly improve
your English essay marks.

A+ Notes

Highly comprehensive notes that detail the criteria & processes involved in higher-order thinking and analysis can be purchased for a small fee.

Experts in the Field

Delivered by a highly accomplished teacher with significant experience developing VCE resources & marking VCE English exams.

Maximise English Marks

Learn how to hone key analytical strategies & critical thinking skills and how to use these powerful tools to develop sophisticated analytical arguments.

Develop High Level Skills

Learn how to skillfully analyse, justify & synthesise thoughts/beliefs & formulate appropriate, objective conclusions supported by reliable evidence.

Analytical Thinking & Writing:
The Key to Success in VCE English

Date: Friday 21 January 2022 (9am to 12:30pm)
Venue: Interactive, Live-Streamed Online Lecture

It’s been repeatedly shown that the students who can skillfully shape their ideas and arguments, use language appropriate to the chosen audience, context, form and purpose, and include sophistication and flair in their writing will receive the higher English marks. This requires mastery of high level analytical thinking and writing skills, skills that are essential in every aspect of VCE English.

Our ‘Analytical Thinking & Writing’  lecture will provide systematic, foolproof strategies that will enable you to develop and hone high level analytical skills so you can think beyond the obvious, and develop well-crafted, articulate analytical arguments. Detailed examples of paragraphs and essays that demonstrate the differences between A and B grade responses will be investigated, and you will leave this lecture with clear strategies that will greatly improve your English essay marks.

Valued at $150, this lecture is FREE and exclusive to any student attending our Unit 1 and/or Unit 3 Summer School – Head Start Lectures.

Vacancies are strictly limited. Don’t miss out!


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