What Will it Take?

  • Get ahead in your Unit 4 studies so you can cut down and stress and workloads in Term 3 and 4.
  • Revise your Unit 3 materials so there’s less to do before the exams.
  • Work through as many past exam questions as possible. The questions in the exams are usually quite different from that in the text books, and take time to master.
  • Don’t write notes – it’s the worst way to learn. Use your text books or buy a quality set of notes and use the time you save working through past exam questions.
  • Learn how exam papers are marked – this will earn you so many extra marks in the exams. And the only people who know the exam marking schemes are the assessors themselves. So attend revision lectures that are being delivered by VCAA exam assessors – not university students who don’t have access to this information.