There are many study support services available for students wanting to maximise their VCE marks. From private tutors and tuition classes to lectures and seminars – each has it’s benefits and role in helping students reach their full potential. But with so many options available, how do you choose which one is right for you?

Here are some points that you should consider:

  • Is the service being provided by a well established and reputable company or individual?
  • Are the instructors delivering the service qualified? Do they have sufficient experience teaching the VCE?
  • Am I at risk if I choose to use inexperienced, unqualified educators? If so, am I prepared to get lower marks than what I could otherwise?
  • What goal do I want to achieve? Would I be happy with any improvement in marks, or is my aim to reach my full potential?
  • Who has the knowledge and experience I need to give me the right advice regarding SACs and exams?

What We Offer

TSFX is a leading Australian education provider that delivers educational services to help students maximise their Year 11 and Year 12 marks. We offer VCE resources, lectures and weekly tuition classes that have been developed and are delivered by qualified, experienced VCE teachers.

Our teachers have a deep knowledge of the VCE syllabus in their subject areas and consist of authors of VCE texts and study manuals, exam writers, exam vettors and markers of the actual VCE exams.

How We Differ

  • We only use qualified, experienced VCE teachers to produce our resources and deliver our programs.
  • We provide information and instruction that can only be obtained from VCAA exam markers.
  • We provide students with online recordings of our lectures and weekly tuition programs (the Master Classes).
  • Students have access to recordings of other teachers in the same subject/s so they can benefit from different perspectives.
  • We give students a complete set of A+ notes and a large collection of trial exam papers that cover everything they need to learn for the exams.
  • We offer a proven track history of unrivalled success.

Answers to Some of Your Questions

Why do we use qualified, experienced VCE teachers rather than high performing VCE graduates?

There is an enormous difference between using VCE graduates and experienced, qualified teachers. To start off with, qualified, experienced VCE teachers have gone through the VCE numerous times.

  • They’ve been trained to accommodate different learners.
  • They have extensive experience marking SACs and preparing students for their exams.
  • They know how the VCE exams are marked and how to structure answers that will be awarded maximum scores.
  • Their knowledge of subject materials extends beyond the text book.
  • They have real life experience in the subject they teach in.

If we believed that recent VCE graduates could prepare students for their SACs and exams to the same standard as a qualified experienced VCE teacher can, we would certainly choose the cheaper option and use VCE graduates instead!

Are TSFX programs more suitable for academic students who are aiming for the high marks?

At TSFX, we cater to a wide range of students – from those who are struggling to pass a subject to those students who will achieve the very high ATARs. But one thing that every TSFX student has in common is their desire to reach their level of excellence – be that a B grade or a 99.95 ATAR result.

Is TSFX more expensive than the other major VCE providers?

As our courses are longer, they may sometimes appear to be more expensive than those offered by other VCE program providers. However, when you compare the cost per hour and the quality/quantity of materials and instruction being issued, you will find that TSFX does offer the greatest value for money. We view your investment into TSFX as an important investment into your future.

I find it easier to relate to people of the same age. Wouldn’t I be better off in a program delivered by recent VCE graduates?

Most people relate better to people of the same age. But does that mean that you should see an unqualified, inexperienced medical student when you’re ill as opposed to a qualified doctor with years of experience?

If differences in age are an impediment, why does your school employ experienced teachers rather than uni students?

Not only are our teachers handpicked for their knowledge and experience, they’re also chosen for their ability to adapt to different personalities and learners. They have experience relating to all types of students – the quiet students, the shy students through to the extroverted individuals.

A student who obtained a high study score knows what’s required to ace the VCE, so wouldn’t they be the better option where lectures and tuition classes are concerned?

These students were taught and mentored by great teachers who were instrumental in helping them get the higher ATARs! It is these types of teachers that deliver TSFX programs.

Furthermore, a high ATAR or study score does not equip a recent VCE graduate with the knowledge that’s required to prepare students for their SACs and exams. As an example, a student who obtained a study score of 45 in Mathematical Methods only answered about 79% of Exam 2 correctly!