Private tutoring or class-based tuition courses?

It’s a controversial issue and opinions vary. Both options have their place and their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which this article investigates.

Private Tuition


  • The tutor can work at the student’s pace
  • Explanations can be tailored to the student’s learning style
  • One on one attention
  • Tutors can monitor the student’s homework
  • Personalised approach
  • Convenient – tuition is usually conducted at the student’s home


  • Expensive hourly rate
  • Tutor may not be a good match for the student
  • Tutors are often unqualified and don’t have formal teaching experience
  • Tutoring is a skill that not all tutors have
  • Safety concerns – anyone can be a tutor and most don’t hold Working With Children Checks
  • The industry isn’t controlled for quality and is not regulated in any way
  • Anyone can call themselves a tutor
  • Quality tutors can be difficult to find
  • You may need to purchase extra learning/teaching resources as few tutors provide these
  • Students usually don’t receive comprehensive A+ notes that cover the entire curriculum
  • Lessons are intensive and tiring as the entire focus is on the student
  • Some students need a more engaging environment and peer interaction to get the most from learning sessions

If the tutor isn’t a qualified teacher:

  • Most tutors aren’t able to construct and deliver sound lesson plans
  • The tutor doesn’t know what your teacher (or VCAA) wants/expects
  • Tutors aren’t aware of marking schemes for SACs and exams
  • The tutor hasn’t been trained to teach different types of learners

Tuition Classes

Like tutoring, the quality of group tuition classes vary, and therefore, this article will only consider the TSFX Master Classes.

The TSFX Master Classes are specialised tuition classes that are held in groups of 7-22 students. These classes are delivered by experienced VCE teachers who are VCAA exam assessors – the same teachers who will be marking your final VCE exams.

The Master Classes revise what’s been covered at school and then extend students to VCAA exam standard, and are designed to help students achieve the highest possible marks in their SACs and exams.


  • Low hourly rates
  • Classes are delivered by qualified VCE teachers who are exam markers – not university students
  • The Master Classes offer more contact hours (2.5 hours per week) which allows classes to keep in line with the school’s curriculum
  • Students are exposed to materials that are being taught in the top-ranking schools in Victoria
  • Structured, pedagogically sound lesson plans
  • Students receive comprehensive A+ notes that cover the entire curriculum
  • Teacher performance is continually monitored
  • Group study allows students to share their knowledge and encourages friendly competition
  • Other students ask valuable questions that students may not have thought of
  • As teachers are VCAA exam markers, students learn how exams are marked and how to set out answers so they can obtain full scores
  • Access to private tutors before and after class. These tutors can help students with school work and SAC preparation, free of charge
  • Classes are recorded and can be viewed by students as many times as they like
  • Students can attend multiple classes run by different teachers each week
  • Recorded classes serve as excellent revision tools before SACs and exams
  • Students sit a trial exam under exam conditions which is then marked by VCAA assessors
  • Integration of technology makes learning easier, more interesting and fun
  • Students can experience the Master Classes online from the comforts of their home


Students don’t get sole attention as classes are held in groups. Students are, however, able to use our high achieving VCE tutors before or after class.

Private tutoring or class-based tuition courses? There is no right or wrong answer.

Group tuition classes like those offered by TSFX do have extra benefits and are more financially affordable when compared with private tutors, but in some cases, private tuition may be the better option. For example, when a student has learning difficulties, is struggling in a particular subject or needs regular assistance in completing homework tasks.

However, there are many students who find they’re able to grasp the ideas taught in class but want that extra guidance to extend on course materials, to systematically prepare for the exams or to get an edge over their subject peers. Some students don’t enjoy complete attention being placed on them and thrive in social environments. In cases such as these, group tuition classes are the more effective solution.