A Teacher’s Perspective

One of the questions that students ask me most often is whether they should attend revision lectures and classes outside of school. I can completely understand why students would pause before paying out for extra teaching, and so it is important to understand why attending a TSFX revision session is:

# such great value for money;
# a valuable use of your time.

1. The people delivering the lectures are experienced VCE markers.

Why does this matter?

Because these are the people who know how the exams work. They know what the expectations are and they know the common mistakes that students make.

They are able to show you the difference between a good answer and an excellent answer, and how to tackle different kinds of questions in the most effective way. Best of all, you can ask the exam marker(s) all of your questions directly – nothing on the exam paper needs to be a mystery anymore!

Neural connections formed after hearing information once (LHS) and then from a different perspective (RHS).

2. Because the lecturers are not your usual teachers.

Attending a revision lecture doesn’t mean that you have no faith in your own teacher! The benefit of hearing a different teacher’s perspective is that you get to hear different explanations, ideas and exam tricks and traps – all which help to increase examination marks. So, seek opinions and insights from as many sources as possible, especially from official VCE exam markers.


When new information is added to long-term memory, it connects to existing information that’s related to it. The more neural connections created, the more deeply information is engrained into long-term memory.

Studies have shown that every time a piece of information is presented to us in a different way, additional neural connections are created. This improves your ability to remember what you are learning, how well you can recall information when it is needed, and how well you can apply information in your exams.

3. You’ll receive notes and handouts that are not otherwise commercially available.

Study guides are useful in their own way but they are generic and designed to be of use to the widest possible range of students.

The notes that you get at a TSFX lecture are unique and are not available to buy anywhere else. The notes are specifically designed by senior VCE teachers and VCE exam markers to prepare you for the types of questions that will appear in the exams, ensuring that you get the highest possible marks

4. The school holidays are the perfect time to attend a revision lecture.

With only a few months left before the final exams, students need to use their study breaks to prepare for these important assessments.

Not only will an exam revision lecture ensure that you revise course materials in the most efficient way, they also get you in the right frame of mind for independent work. Experienced lecturers can cover the course far more quickly than you can on your own, and they can also direct you towards the areas that need more focus and attention.

5. Attending revision lectures boosts your confidence.

Exams are a nerve-wracking experience and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that lies between you and exam success.

Intensive revision lectures, like those offered by TSFX, will leave you feeling confident about what you know, informed about what you need to correct, and with a great set of notes to guide you on your way.

Good luck with your studies!

(Kirstin Bourne was a teacher for 15 years during which time she held the positions of Head of Department and Head of Curriculum. She now works as a Senior Marker & Education Consultant).