Online Lectures & Tuition Classes

TSFX Online enables students to experience our high-quality programs without the need to be physically present at our lecture venues. All our lectures and classes are recorded live and are available to purchase either with or without the accompanying notes.

Classes and lectures have been developed and are presented by experienced senior VCE teachers and VCAA exam markers.

VCE Master Classes

  • Weekly tuition classes designed to prepare students for the highest possible marks in their SACs and exams.
  • Builds on the teaching that takes place in school.
  • Revise, reinforce and extend on key skills and concepts to VCAA exam standard.
  • Master exam tricks and traps.
  • Develop strong problem-solving and exam techniques.

VCE Head Start Lectures

  • Get ahead and reduce stress and study loads.
  • Cover key concepts to an A+ standard in advance of school in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Learn how to maximise SAC and examination marks.
  • Spend less time on homework, improve confidence levels and boost motivation.
  • Get a huge advantage over your state-wide peers.

VCE Exam Revision Lectures

  • Revise and extend to VCAA exam standard in a fast and effective way.
  • The most comprehensive coverage of examinable materials.
  • Discover the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.
  • Learn how to set out answers so as to obtain perfect scores.
  • Maximise examination marks.

Sample Recordings

We have a number of sample recordings for student to access below to see the quality of our recorded classes.

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 1

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 2

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 3

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 4

Unit 3 Maths Methods Sample

Unit 4 Maths Methods Sample

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 1

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 2

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 3

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 4

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 1

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 2

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 3

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 4