VCE Exam Revision Lectures

Dates: Saturday 19 September – Sunday 4 October 2020

Venue: Lectures are being live-streamed and delivered online

Our VCE Exam Revision program consists of Unit 2, 3 & 4 Exam Revision Lectures.

During our VCE Exam Revision lectures, students will obtain a complete and detailed coverage of examinable materials to VCAA exam standard. Most importantly, this program ensures that students complete as much of their exam preparations as early as possible, reducing stress levels and workloads in the challenging months leading up to the final VCE exams. Students will be exposed to a large collection of exam-style questions, as well as frequently overlooked tricks and traps that could appear in exams. They will also learn how exam papers are marked and how answers must be presented if they are to be awarded full scores. These lectures are prepared and delivered by current or recent VCAA assessors.

Unit 2 sessions are FREE OF CHARGE to all students.

Mastering the Exams – FREE!

Dates: 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday 1, Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 September 2020 (Total = 6 Hours)

Venue: Lectures are being live-streamed and delivered online

This detailed and comprehensive 3 part program is designed to improve study habits, boost exam confidence and maximise examination marks. Presented by one of the country’s most respected study skills specialists, this lecture is a “must” for students wanting to achieve the highest possible marks in the end of year exams.

Master Classes

Dates: Friday 24 July – Sunday 25 October 2020

Venue: The University of Melbourne (Parkville Campus)

Our Master Classes are specialised tuition classes designed to help students reach their full potential, be that a two-grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores.

This program builds on the teaching that takes place in schools, giving students the opportunity to revise, reinforce and extend on key skills/concepts, and to develop strong problem-solving and exam techniques.

Students may complete the Master Classes in the comfort of their home (online version) or at the University of Melbourne (face-to-face version) on a weekly basis. Every student will also receive access to recordings of their enrolled classes.


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