What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “Succeeding in the VCE”

“Motivational, informative, helpful, insightful.”

Student – Mowbray College

“Awesome, extremely helpful.”

Student – Melbourne High School

“Excellent notes, info & advice. Lecturer was clear & seemed very passionate about the topic.”

Student – Fintona Girls’ School

“Very revealing. Highlighted some very major points which will undoubtedly improve my final ATAR score.”

Student – Viewbank College

“I really enjoyed the lectures. I learnt a lot of useful techniques and methods that I have not come across before. Thanks!”

Student – Melton Christian College

“Very comprehensive, enlightening yet funny & enjoyable.”

Student – Balwyn High School

“This is an excellent course. I feel that the content is just what I needed to get focused. Thank you!”

Student Details Withheld

“I was so inspired, I came home and did hours and hours of homework.”

Student Details Withheld

“A real eye opener and a great boost for motivation. It was very useful especially at the beginning of
Yr 12.”

Student – Cranbourne Secondary College

“In a word – excellent, just a wonderful program. I hope to attend more like it in the future.”

Student Details Withheld

“Brilliant, inspiring and very informative.”

Student Details Withheld


Student – Thomastown Secondary College

“The lectures are so great…the lecturer gave the best approaches for us!! I’ll be at the next TSFX lectures.”

Student – Taylors College

“Very interesting, engaging and will be extremely useful.”

Student – St Leonards College

“Very helpful, especially the extra tips that you won’t learn in class.”

Student – Berwick Secondary College

“It was excellent. I learned many helpful ways to study “smarter” and how to correct and improve my current study habits.”

Student Details Withheld

“Gained a lot of vital help for future study skills and how to set out my studying/revising.”

Student – Our Lady of Mercy College

“This program really is beneficial for students who want to strive for excellence.”

Student – Lakeview Senior College

“Discovered some excellent exam tips.”

Student Details Withheld

“Very effective & helpful. A real eye opener & boost for Year 12.”

Student – Al-Taqwa College

“Very insightful with practical strategies to stop procrastination.”

Student – Mount Waverley Secondary College

“Informative, fun, in-depth and insightful. A fantastic 2 hours.”

Student Details Withheld

“Very useful, engaging and helpful. Thank you.”

Student – Nunawading Christian College

“It gave me faith in myself that I can get where I want to go!”

Student – Beaconhills College

“The lecture provided insight into possible examination questions and gave me confidence and motivation to achieve my desired ATAR.”

Student – Siena College

“Addressed key topics that many other courses avoid.”

Student Details Withheld

“The lecturer was excellent, she explained questions in detail. Notes were comprehensive, excellent notes, really helped me a lot in the particular topic as none of these notes are in textbooks.”

Student – Siena College

“In depth, to the point and lots of tips. Excellent lecture.”

Student – Emmaus College

“Very informative, clear notes, helpful tips.”

Student – Damascus College

“Excellent teaching and really useful notes.”

Student Details Withheld

“The lecturer was fantastic! Clear explanations really helped on a topic that is supposed to be very difficult to understand.”

Student – PLC

“It was extraordinarily motivating.”

Student Details Withheld

“It was very enlightening. The classes were not overwhelming and the time was used wisely.”

Student – Ilim College

“It was very worthwhile, and I felt that it was presented in an appealing way which helped me understand what was being taught.”

Student – Melbourne Girls Grammar School

“Really engaging and enlightening, Interesting and informative. Well worth my time!”

Student Details Withheld

“The lecture was insightful and overall a great help. It was good to have the opportunity to receive assistance from experienced and learned teachers outside of our own school.”

Student – Lakeview Senior School

“Very good teacher – enthusiastic, clear, knowledgeable. Excellent notes. Excellent head start.”

Student – Camberwell Grammar School

The lecture was very informative, served as a great opportunity for revision. The lecturer was very enthusiastic and was able to keep interest levels high.

Student – Minaret College

“Excellent teaching and really useful notes.”

Student Details Withheld

“I will be informing this year’s year elevens on how this lecture was beneficial to me.”

Student – Mowbray College


Student – Mentone Girl’s Secondary Collage

“This was a very good lecture, and I look forward to more.”

Student – Melbourne Girls Grammar School

“Very useful lecture – perfect timing as will be starting this topic tomorrow in school having studied geometry first.”

Student Camberwell Grammar School

“Speechless, breathtakingly magnificent. Mac is holy!

Student – Mt Clear College

“The teacher was amazing, very knowledgeable and easy to understand.”

Student Details Withheld

“Thankyou :) ”

Student – Canterbury Girls College


Student – PLC

“The lecture really helped me understand what was expected of me in the exam, and how to prepare for it.”

Student Details Withheld

“It was overall an insightful and gainful experience …. an awesome learning experience!

Student – Victoria University Secondary College

“The lecturer was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Student – Mercy College

“Inspirational and motivating. The notes provided are very useful and the lecture was excellent.”

Student Details Withheld


Student – Highvale College

“I was extremely impressed with this teacher.”

Student – St Columbas College

“It was good, really gave me a taste of what TSFX is like.”

Student – John Monash Science School

“Great, very helpful, the lecturer was most impressive.”

Student Details Withheld

“Keep up the great lectures and thanks for the teachers that take out their time to teach these lectures and the organisers of course.”

Student – Braybrook Secondary College

“Because of attending these Biology Lectures, I feel more confident in class because I know I have gone through these topics. TSFX provided a foundation for me to build upon.”

Student – The Mac.Robertsons Girls’ High School

“The teacher that presented for the Psychology lecture was amazing, he was very enthusiastic and dedicated which made you want to listen and just presented with an all round good vibe. Definitely would want to sit in one of his lectures again!!!”

Student – Thomastown Secondary College

“I attended the Psychology one last year they were A+ standard.”

Student – The King David School

“Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

Student – South Gippsland Secondary College

“I would recommend attending the Chemistry, Methods and Biology lectures as I found them very thorough and informative.”

Student – Melbourne Girls’ College

Thank you for giving me the opportunity in taken your free lecture. Please keep up the good work.”

Student Details Withheld

“The lecture was fantastic, it really encompassed the main ideas of the course and allowed me to have a clearer understanding of what to expect. I even wouldn’t mind going to it again!”

Student Details Withheld

“Was very well presented.”

Student – Beaconhills College

“I had a wonderful instructor!!!”

Student – Gilson College

“Thank-you to our lecturer, who was kind and very helpful, showing us step by step and stressing about certain things that need to be done :) ”

Student – Pascoe Vale Girls College

“I was really satisfied and enjoyed the program. Basically I learnt a lot and found it really useful with my English course.”

Student – Dandenong High School

“Thank you for the great detail that was put into the lecture. It really did help me further my understanding of absolute functions. Our lecturer was great, highlighting the important areas that should be studied.”

Student – Pascoe Vale Girls College

“Thanks for your help.”

Student – Parade College

“I just took one of your Intense Study Skills Lectures and I must say that there were a lot of things that I did not know. But thanks to you I feel that I can really achieve something in life.”

Student Details Withheld


Student – Ave Maria College

“I’d like to thank the teacher, she was really interesting and I feel like I understand the subject better now.”

Student – Princes Hill SC

“The lecture really improved my understanding of the topic and the teachers also made it an enjoyable time instead of droning on for the whole session by involving the students into the lesson.”

Student – Melbourne High School

“It was a fascinating session. Really worth it and very informative.”

Student Details Withheld

“The strategies discussed were extremely helpful.”

Student – Nunawading Christian College

“I found it very helpful and I look forward to applying the skills that I have learned into my daily schedule.”

Student – Catholic Regional College Sydenham

“Very useful methods of approaching a question from different perspectives.”

Student – Genazzano College

“I hope that lectures of similar styles will be available for students throughout the year to enable us to get a deeper understanding of exactly what is required of us and how we are able to apply ourselves to difficult and thought provoking exam questions.”

Student – Lakeview Senior College

“The teachers were so energetic and motivating.”

Student – Kardinia International College

“The best lecturer by far that I have encountered at TSFX.”

Student – Wesley College

“It was good.”

Student – Siena College

“Very helpful with ways to practice techniques before exams.”

Student – Kilbreda College

“Terrific program definitely worth going to. It’s a fantastic service to all VCE students.”

Student Details Withheld

“It was great, keep it up!!”

Student – John Monash Science School

“Awesome. A must for all VCE students.”

Student Details Withheld


The quality of the TSFX lectures is clearly more superior than any other programs I have attended with other providers.
Student – Xavier College

I attended lectures with 4 different companies this year and the TSFX ones were by far the best and most professional. The lecturers were of the highest quality and I would recommend any of your lectures to future students!
Claire Kelly

Excellent – would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone to attend. Was a lot better than other programs I have been in and the lecturers are amazing.
Student – CRC Sydenham

The length, quality of notes and lecture content were exceptional. I have attended several different lecture series in the past, but The School For Excellence beats them all.
Student – Bayside P-12 College

What a fantastic lecture!! I chose TSFX over other lectures for their awesome notes and lecturers, depth and breadth of topics covered and lecture length, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Student – Bendigo Senior Secondary College