What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “Summer School”

“Best and most comprehensive notes I’ve received.”

Student – Siena College

“Extremely engaging and insightful.”

Student – Our Lady of Sion College

“Fantastic lecturer, very knowledgeable and offered useful advice. I would definitely consider attending another one of these lectures.”

Student – Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

“Getting another perspective on challenging concepts really helped me understand them in ways that I wouldn’t at school.”

Student – Xavier College

“I really enjoyed the lecture as it gave me an insight on what we are going to learn in physics which gives me a headstart in front of my peers. We covered all topics in the time given and the notes were very resourceful and very helpful!”

Student- University High School

“In depth explanations with lots of videos engaging us. Thank you.”

Student – Wesley College

“It was really encouraging and put into perspective what is required from a VCE English student.”

Student – Albert Park College

“The presenter was great and offered a lot of insight and knowledge that was valuable.”

Student – Catholic Ladies College

“The teacher was excited, energetic and an amazing enthusiastic help. Thank you! I loved your attitude!”

Student – Mac.Robertson Girls High School

“This is one of the best lectures I’ve been to – very helpful with an excellent presenter.”

Student – Catholic Ladies College

“Very knowledgeable and experienced teacher with fantastic communication skills. Very engaging!”

Student – Catholic Regional College

“Worth the train replacement buses.”

Student – Minaret College

“Fantastic! Great teachers and notes!”

Student – Melbourne High School

“The program delivered everything that was promised and much, much more. Thank you TSFX for giving me an invaluable advantage over my peers.”

Student – Sacred Heart College, Geelong

“Amazing course. Definitely coming back.”

Student – Brentwood Secondary College

“It was great, I was really impressed. The lecture really helped me, I am surely coming back.”

Student – Avila College

“Fantastic lecturers. Very engaging.”

Student – Camberwell High School

“Great stuff… The teacher’s kept the class in focus for most of the lesson. There were great notes and fantastic explanation by all teachers.”

Student – St Kevin’s College

“Interesting and informative, TSFX gives you a great head-start.”

Student – Berwick Secondary College

“Summer School is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Student – Beth Rivkah Ladies College

“Very helpful and useful; I highly recommend this to all students of VCE mathematics methods, even the bright ones.”

Student – Christian College Geelong

“This was one of the best lectures that I have ever attended.  The lecturers presented everything so clearly and I feel that I am thoroughly prepared for Year 12.  The technology that was used during the lectures was amazing.”

Student – Tintern Grammar School

“This was an amazing lecture that filled me with confidence for the year to come. I feel very ready to attack stress that is thrown my way. Thanks.”

Student – McKinnon Secondary College

“Fantastic lecture. One which will help to achieve my desired goal.”

Student – Loreto Mandeville Hall


Student – Keilor Downs College

“I thought I was an overachieving student when I walked in, but soon I found out that the standard, in regard to the rest of the state, was much higher than I had previously thought.  Without TSFX I doubt that I would be able to achieve the scores I was aiming for.”

Student – Mowbray College

“The notes are extensive and thorough – definitely save time writing my own notes from scratch. There were some good exam preparation tips- most of which I’ve never heard of.”

Student – University High School

“I’ll definitely be coming back for Unit 4 and all of the exam revisions and thank you for making those three days some of the most valuable days I’ve had for me to do well in Year 12 this year. The notes and especially teachers were in invaluable.”

Student – Caulfield Grammar School

“I enjoyed it very much. I would do it again. I recommend it to everyone! It is truly fantastic. “

Student – Essendon Keilor College

“Great notes, excellent lecture and superior overall program – I am positive that this program will help me to achieve top scores in the upcoming semester and possibly the entire VCE term.”

Student – Ilim College

“Lectures were fantastic. It got me ahead of my peers and understanding where I can improve.”

Student – Minaret College

“Was a fantastic lecture! Assisted me greatly in my preparation for this year, and the lecturers were really helpful.”

Student – Aitken College

“It was very beneficial and would recommend it any day.”

Student – Copperfield College

“Excellent lecturers, notes are fantastic.”

Student – Luther College

 “A really useful program which I think will hold me in good stead for the year ahead.”

Student – Ruyton Girls’ School

“Great lecture once again. I’ve been attending TSFX lectures and Chemistry Master Classes since last June and it truly has been so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much.”

Student – Emmaus College

“Very helpful and worthwhile.”

Student – Braemar College

“I believe that the Mathematical Methods CAS Summer School lecture was excellent. It fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone seeming a high study score in mathematics.”

Student – Wesley College

“The series of lectures were great! Beforehand I was not very confident in some subjects but now I feel that it is possible for me to achieve great marks.”

Student – Epping Secondary College

“I think the lectures were really beneficial. The notes were great, and I can only imagine how much time I have saved writing up notes! The lectures also caused me to become more determined and focused for the year ahead.”

Student – Our Lady of Mercy College

“It is a great lecture that I would recommend to everyone.”

Student – Westall Secondary College

“It was so worth it! Participating in this lecture really gave me a heads up of what I’ll be expecting that is covered in Unit 1. Loved it!”

Student – Santa Maria College

“The lecture was very good, and I found that I learnt a lot of material that I didn’t know before and would be great to get a hold of before I start school.”

Student – Braemar College

“Amazing! I only have one word for this lecture – simply amazing! The teachers were superior; I knew I was in good hands. The teachers were prepared and explained everything. They took their time to ensure we all understood everything they taught. This lecture was really beneficial and it cleared a lot of concepts. Thank you for such a great lecture!!!”

Student – Melbourne High School

“Excellent presentation during the lecture in terms of topics covered, identifying problems and answering questions. The notes issued will save me a significant amount of time in terms of preparation and guidance for Unit 3, rather than having to go through the textbook and fumble around trying to find stuff.“

Student – Scotch College

“I thought that the lectures provided a thorough explanation of what is to be expected of Year 12. It is something that I would recommend to peers.”

Student – Academy of Mary Immaculate

“Great tips, and extremely helpful.”

Student – Braemar College

“Very helpful, easy to understand information with enthusiastic, interesting lecturers!”

Student – Mary Mackillop Catholic Regional College

“The TSFX Sumer School Lectures provided me with an excellent introduction to the Year 12 Coursework. I now feel like I have had a fantastic head start to the year, and I will feel less intimidated when I am confronted with the work later in the year.”

Student – Lavalla Catholic College

“The lecture was very well set out and structured and the lecturers were extremely knowledgeable in what they were teaching us. The notes provided were extremely helpful and easy to understand and will be great to use for revision due to all the questions provided in them.”

Student – Saint Francis Xavier College

“It was great, it really broadened my view of preparing for the big year and also being able to prepare properly.”

Student – Parade College

“Terrific lecture! The best out of all the ones I was able to go to. Definitely an eye opener & very very helpful. Thank-you so much for this fantastic lecture & well done!”

Student – Wodonga Senior Secondary College

“Brilliantly presented a pleasure to have participated in such a well organised and fantastically executed lecture series!”

Student – Fitzroy High School

“It was very useful and interesting.”

Student – Macrobertson Girls’ High School

“It helped me a lot!”

Student – Ilim college

“The presenter was very well organised and the notes were brilliant.”

Student – Viewbank College

“The lecture made me aware of several important lessons that I already knew, but ignored. I don’t think I’ll be ignoring them any longer!”

Student – Balwyn high School

“I believe it was extremely useful and I definitely recommend TSFX to future students.”

Student – Wodonga Senior Secondary College

“Personally I thought it was great! 6 hours only felt like three! Well done TSFX.”

Student – Wodonga Senior Secondary College

“Great teacher and notes and useful tips.”

Student – Melbourne High School

“Very good and valuable.”

Student – Scotch College

“I loved how the lectures was a combination of fun and learning at the same time. Thanks for everything.”

Student – Nazareth College

“Really great and worthwhile. A brilliant set of notes was provided.”

Student – MacKillop Catholic College

“The presentation was delivered with much professionalism and experience, and will improve my grades at school through the techniques taught at the lecture.”

Student – Yeshivah College

“I am very glad to have heard about TSFX as what they provide is extremely reassuring and beneficial.”

Student – MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“It was fantastic!”

Student – Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School

“I thought that this lecture was excellent. I really learned a lot of new concepts that I was not aware of. This will be helpful for when I come across it while at school.”

Student – Sacred Heart College Geelong

“The lecturers were fantastic, very helpful. Information was presented in an easy to understand, concise manner and attending this lecture has definitely helped my preparation for Year 12. I would certainly attend another lecture run by TSFX in the future.”

Student – Flinders Christian Community College

“It was not only very informative but also very lively and enjoyable. Great teacher, and great lecture.”

Student – Ilim College

“I not only found the lectures extremely helpful and informative, but I enjoyed them and had fun at the same time.”

Student – Genazzano FCJ College

“Really well presented with a lot of helpful hints/suggestions to succeed in VCE study, some of which have solved my problems in my own personal study which I’m very satisfied with.”

Student – Scotch College

“I found that the lecture was very useful because it helped me to get a better understanding of what areas are going to be covered throughout the year. It’s definitely worth going to TSFX lectures during the summer holidays to get a head start.”

Student – Sacred Heart Girls’ College

“I would highly recommend TSFX to anyone who wants to get ahead and be prepared for the difficult VCE years. These lectures have been an awesome and worthwhile experience; it proves that you don’t have to be born smart to obtain higher scores.”

Student – Marian College

“ Overall, this was a great lecture providing an insight into what was going to be encountered. The notes were excellent and the teacher was fantastic! Kudos to TSFX.”

Student – St. Bedes College

“This lecture was excellent, the quality of notes is excellent and the choice of lecturer was perfect! Thank you!“

Student – Mary Mackillop Catholic College

“The lectures raised strategies for studying and the exam that will significantly reduce my stress levels! Thank you!”

Student – Sacred Heart College

“I was extremely happy with the lecturer and the notes that he provided. I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture and units of study, keeping me intrigued the whole time.”

Student – Camberwell Girls Grammar School

“Excellent tools for the upcoming year!”

Student – Mary Mackillop Catholic College

“I travelled 5 hours to come to these lectures and I’m so very glad I did, it was well worth it. The notes will be an amazing help for tor the oncoming semester, thank you for providing me this opportunity.”

Student – Bayview College

“The lecturers were great! All topics were covered in detail and we were shown some really good exam strategies. Overall, Summer School has definitely improved my confidence and has provided me with amazing notes to prepare for exams.”

Student – Beaconhills College

“It was presented in a very clear, easy accessible way. The notes we we’re given were fantastic!”

Student – Yarra Valley Grammar