What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “Mastering the Exams”


Student – Mentone Girls’ Grammar School


Student – Salesian College

“Amazing, fantastic, factual, funny and helpful! I look forward to attending next year!”

Student – St Kevin’s College, Toorak

“Amazing lecturer, fantastic ideas, good anecdotes, thoroughly convinced I can do well on my final exams. :) ”

Student – Caulfield Grammar school

“It was very worth while. I would recommend it to anyone!!! Lecturer knew what she was talking about. I would definitely choose TSFX for all my end of year lectures.”

Student – Gippsland Grammar School

“The Mastering the Exams lecture was amazing! I didn’t think I would be able to get so much out of a 4 hour lecture, but it just blew my mind! I will carry the tips and secrets of success with me through the rest of VCE. Thank you for giving me such an advantage TSFX!!!”

Student – Flinders Christian Community College

“Irena is the best lecturer I have ever had. And I have been to many lectures. She’s engaging, funny and explains things at an optimum level.”

Student – Balwyn High School

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to the teacher presenting the lecture, I found it awesome! :) ”

Student – Siena College

“Thank you so much for running this lecture, it was fantastic and definitely worthwhile me coming all the way to Melbourne to hear you. I got a lot out of it. Great job!”

Student – Trinity College

“Irena executes the information in a light manner but with enough emphasis for kids to realise the importance.”

Student – Gladstone Park Secondary College

“A REALLY top class lecture greatly assisted with my study technique!!!”

Student – Oxley College

“This lecture was very beneficial, I would recommend it to all VCE students!”

Student – St. Mary’s College

“I thought that this lecture was absolutely fantastic. I found it very helpful in providing multiple study techniques that would help to decrease study time. Thank you so much!”

Student – Lilydale High School

“The lecture really helped to improve and motivate confidence.”

Student – Siena College

“Absolutely fantastic teacher!”

Student – Mentone Grammar School

“I thought it was brilliant because I learnt a lot of advice from this lecture then from what my teachers have told me. I think these lectures should be compulsory in all schools because it has helped me so much.”

Student – Sacred Heart Girls’ College

“Very well done, and good timing before exams.”

Student – Lavalla Catholic College

“She made the lecture engaging, while making the information useful and easy to process.”

Student – University High School

“I felt that the setting of the lecture was well done the handout that was provided as an added utensil for the students to take notes in. Was set out nicely it was presented in a pace that was manageable the information was explained properly. I have recommended this lecture to nearly all my friends.”

Student – St. Columba’s College

“What an informative and insightful lecture!”

Student – Ave Maria College

“This was my first lecture with TSFX and I have to say they were very professional and I learnt many techniques that I can now use to get achieve my desired ATAR score! “

Student – Lighthouse Christian college

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture, and I thank you for holding them!

Student – Sacre Coeur

“I really enjoyed the lecture. Obtaining new advice on how to perform better on my tests and exams made me feel a lot less anxious. Thank you!”

Student – Sandringham College

“Great lecture! Really increased my motivation and concentration!”

Student – East Preston Islamic College

“Great tips and advice in a very informative presentation.”

Student – Santa Maria College

“Irena rocks my socks.”

Student – Carey Grammar

“The lecture was very interesting. Clear and straight to the point.”

Student – Dandenong High School

“Excellent presentation, the teacher was really informative and nice adding a few jokes making the lecture not seem as long as it was! Would not have learnt the same information particularly about study techniques/notes and the way they should be handled. Look forward to the Psychology and Physics lectures in two weeks time, thank you.”

Student – Swinburne Senior Secondary College

“This lecture that I attended was incredibly helpful. I was having difficulty approaching exam study and what effective methods would enable me to perform to the best of my ability, but thanks to this wonderful program and very insightful lecturer, I feel much more confident with my up-coming exam than I did a few weeks ago. Thanks so much!”

Student – Camberwell Girls Grammar

“This was excellent! I found this lecture very motivational and speaking to Irena during the break, she gave me that extra motivation kick I kind of needed. This changed my outlook of VCE definitely.”

Student – Mercy College

“I wished I had gone to this lecture last year before my mid years because it was so good and it gave me lots of realistic ways to prepare for the exams, ways in which I would liked to have been exposed to earlier! Other than that, fantastic lecture.”

Student – Catholic Regional College

“A great service to current VCE students in ensuring that they are able to maximise their abilities.”

Student – Assumption College