Questions Regarding Our Master Classes

The Master Classes are specialised weekly tuition classes that are designed to ensure that students reach their full potential, be that a two grade improvement or the elite A+ scores.

During this program, you will cover the entire Unit 1, 2, 3 or 4 syllabus before extending on the more difficult sections of each course. You will also gain exposure to the tricks and traps that appear in examinations, learn how to avoid common student pitfalls, as well as critical strategies that will maximise examination marks.

These courses do require some commitment from students, but will certainly make an impact on VCE scores!

Students enrol into the Master Classes on a per-subject basis. Each subject enrolment includes a 2.5-hour class once per week, unlimited access to tutors before and after class, online recordings of all classes, and a set of fully comprehensive notes that include a huge collection of exam-style questions, all with worked solutions. Students also receive access to our online resource portal, ATAR Central.

The challenge for school teachers to comprehensively cover course materials within a limited time frame is often highly demanding. The sheer volume of course materials often means there is insufficient time for teachers to solidly review all aspects of the VCE syllabus, and extend on taught principles before examinations.

The role of TSFX is to build on the teaching that takes place in schools, and provide students with the opportunity to review and reinforce key concepts, so as to improve knowledge retention, recall and application skills. Furthermore, we extend on taught concepts and skills, exposing students to more advanced applications, as well as effective strategies for examination preparation and performance.

Our teaching philosophy is based on proven methodologies – systems that enable all students to reach their optimum academic performance. In fact, many students have commented that they learn more in the two hours spent in the Master Classes than during the time they spend at school!

As the amount of time available in the Master Classes is significantly greater than that available during our lectures, our tuition classes enable students to cover examinable materials at a slower pace, and of course, in much greater detail.

Furthermore, as concepts are regularly reviewed, many students find they have very little to learn prior to examinations. With the knowledge that they have had the best possible preparation for their assessments, our students tend to perform to a far greater level than that which they had previously anticipated.

Yes, with the exception of the Easter weekend, classes continue across the school holidays. If you plan to travel, or have other commitments during the holidays, you can always watch the online recordings of any classes you have missed.

All TSFX Master Classes are recorded (screen grab and audio) and uploaded to our online learning platform. You can catch up on any class you miss, or anything that you didn’t understand the first time, whenever you like!

Starting from week 2 of classes, students are welcome to attend a free trial class before committing to the program. Students will receive an extract of the Master Class notes to follow along with in class, and will be contacted the following week to confirm or cancel enrolment (and we are confident that you’ll want to confirm!)

With minor changes, the same subjects usually run at the same times each semester. Yearly students will get priority enrolment into Semester Two, so you can secure your place in the same class you attended in Semester One.

Our average class size is 22. However, we do have many classes with significantly lower numbers.

If a teacher is of exceptional quality and experience, then class sizes are not an issue when attending classes/courses outside of school. We have spent more than 25 years developing our programs and course materials and find that because our instruction is so thorough, many students’ questions are answered before they find the opportunity to ask! If there are questions that remain to be addressed, there is ample time during breaks and after classes to do so.

All TSFX teachers are qualified, experienced VCE teachers from top performing schools in the state, and most have VCAA assessing experience. This means that they not only have a thorough knowledge of the course content, but they are also trained to deliver that content, and know exactly what answers exam markers will be looking for at the end of the year.

TSFX Master Class students receive a large kit of practice exams to assist in VCE exam preparation, and also sit a mock exam at the end of each semester. This mock exam is taken under exam conditions, and the following week’s class is dedicated to analysing each question from the point of view of a VCAA assessor. This process is an essential learning activity for any student who wants to ace their final VCE exams.

Our teachers are elite and highly engaged and tend to be very busy people! We don’t give out the contact details of our teachers or tutors, but we can pass any questions you may have to them by email. In most cases, teachers are happy to address your question during the week.

Unit 1 & 3 Master Classes run from Friday 7 February to Sunday 24 May 2020

Unit 2 & 4 Master Classes run from Friday 5 June to Sunday 13 September 2020

Yes you will! The primary goal of the Master Classes is to maximise your final exam marks. Studies show that regular revision and repetition is the key to locking information into your long-term memory. Attending Master Classes in topics you’ve already covered in school encourages you to begin revising topics early and will reduce study requirements and stress later on in the year. It’s great to be ahead of school, but following up on previously learned topics is great too!

The Master Class notes includes so many practice questions that we won’t have time to cover all of them in class. This means you’ll get a bank of questions that you can use to revise and test your knowledge throughout the year. But we don’t set any formal homework, or any assessments. Even the mock exam at the end of each semester is purely for your own benefit, and no-one will know your score and answers except you. We aim to reduce your study load, not increase it!

Students at all levels can realise great benefits from the TSFX Master Class program. Our focus on exam questions and how they are marked by VCAA is hugely effective at helping students achieve the maximum results based on their level of knowledge – the marks that they truly deserve. This applies equally to students who have near-complete knowledge as well as those who are not as fluent in the material, but want the opportunity to illustrate the understanding that they do have.

Tutors are available before and after class to assist struggling students one-on-one (at no added cost), and our teachers are also available to answer student questions during class breaks.

The Master Class program primarily consists of classroom-style teaching, where students can interact with and help each-other throughout class while being taught by a qualified VCE teacher. The program also includes private tuition with our VCE tutors before and after class, and we strongly encourage students to make use of this valuable resource.

We’ve found that group tuition is, in fact, superior to private tuition for most students. The group scenario allows for a great amount of interaction between students from all around the state, and provides a medium in which to share information and resources, as well as to offer support to one another. There is also the cost factor to consider – our classes are significantly cheaper than engaging a tutor. A teacher who has a good understanding of the VCE will ask for no less than $80 per hour, but may not provide the level of experience or expertise as the teachers involved in our Master Class programs. Furthermore, tutors rarely get the opportunity to produce comprehensive notes and develop exam revision courses for their students, as is the case in our Master Class programs.

Tutors are ideal for those students who require regular help in completing homework tasks. If you are a student who can grasp concepts, but need a delivery vehicle that can explain difficult theories in a clear and simple manner, or require extension in order to reach those higher scores, the Master Class programs are the better option.

For those instances when you really need an extended period of one-on-one assistance, private tutors are also available as part of the Master Class program! Tutors are available before and after class to help students with their schoolwork, Master Class content, SAC and exam preparation, or anything the student would like to discuss. Students can speak to tutors about any Master Class subject, including those that the student does not attend Master Classes for.

We use only qualified, experienced VCE teachers, most of whom are VCAA assessors. At each program we collect student feedback on the teachers, and only retain those who exceed student expectations in terms of teaching quality. The set of notes that our students receive as part of the program are the most comprehensive available, and have been written and developed by leading VCE teachers and VCAA assessors. We have 29 years’ experience in delivering top quality programs to Victorian students, with an unrivalled history of outstanding success!

In addition, all of our classes are recorded, so students can revisit a class as many times as they like, from the comfort of their own home. Our online offerings also include a huge library of resources such as notes, worksheets, sample prac reports, exam questions, and more!

We understand there may be personality differences between teachers and students. We also believe there is little merit in attending tuition classes if you can’t benefit fully from the instruction provided. Therefore, if you can’t identify with your teacher after the first two classes, we’ll change your class times and/or teachers.

Our tutors are recent VCE graduates who achieved outstanding results within their specialty subject/s. They are all engaging communicators who understand what you’re going through, and are eager to help you in any way they can.

No. Our English classes focus on general English skills, using examples from the most popular texts used by schools across the state when necessary. Unfortunately, there are just too many texts to run a separate class for each one! If you have questions regarding specific texts, you are welcome to discuss them with your teacher during breaks, or with our tutors before and after class.

Our tutor roster is flexible and will increase and decrease based on demand. We always have at least one tutor for every Master Class subject, so you will always have access to help in whichever subject is causing you trouble.

Master Classes are 2.5 hours each and include a 15-minute break.

Under normal circumstances, no. You will remain enrolled into the subject you began at the start of the program. However, we do try to work with students to find solutions for any problems that they may face, so please contact our office if you are experiencing difficulties or are unhappy with any aspect of the program.

Unit 1 & 2: Chemistry, English, Maths Methods, Physics, Specialist Maths

Unit 3 & 4: Biology, Chemistry, English, Further Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Maths

Yes! And they’re not just for Master Class students! All students are welcome to join ATAR Central, our online resource portal where you can find thousands of pages of notes, pracs, tests, worksheets, and exam questions, as well as study tips and exam advice.

Master Class students also receive online access to class recordings for all the classes in their enrolled subject/s, meaning you can listen to the same concept explained by multiple teachers, and as many times as you like.

You will have access to the online recordings of your classes until the day of the subject exam. Year 11 recordings will be available until the end of November.

Yes, all of our tutors hold a valid Working With Children Check.

Yes! Our tutors are happy to help you with any subject that they cover, regardless of your Master Class enrolment. We roster tutors so that there’s always at least one tutor for each Master Class subject available during each tutoring session.

$910 per subject per semester – and this includes the notes, trial exam kits, recordings, bonus classes, and one-on-one tuition. For an additional administration fee of $50, this cost can be spread out across the course at $50 per week, after an initial deposit of $210. There are also a variety of package options available that offer up to a 10% discount in Master Class fees. Visit our package page for further information.

Upfront payments may be made online via secure credit card or PayPal payment, by cheque or money order, or in person by cash or EFTPOS.

Credit card details must be provided for periodic payment plans.

Cancellation requests must be made in writing at least 5 business days prior to the commencement of the course and will incur a $100 fee per subject.