Group Online Tutoring for Master Class Students

TSFX tutors are now available via Zoom to help students with questions relating to the Master Classes, their SACs or other homework. Current session times are listed below.

Important Note: There will be a two week break for tutoring over the Term 3 school holidays. Sessions will re-commence on Saturday 3 October 2020.

Registering for a Tutorial

Step 1: Read the Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

Step 2:  Please download Zoom. We suggest you also install the Zoom email account plugin (i.e. Outlook). This will allow appointments and reminders to be scheduled on your device.

Step 3:  To join a tutorial simply click on the relevant session/s (the allocated tutor’s name) in the below timetable(s) and follow the prompts to register. If you are viewing the timetable on your mobile phone you will need to swipe across on the timetable to view all session times.

Registrations can be made in advance. If a session is full when you join, we recommend that you register for a tute on another day or time.

Note that next week’s timetable is subject to session popularity and student requirements.

Step 4:  Submit your questions.

To help tutorials run smoothly, where possible, we ask that students submit their questions in advance. To do this, upon registration you will be sent a confirmation email which will include an email address where you can submit your questions for that specific session before it takes place.

Step 5:  You are welcome to join the tutorials at any time. If you join a session and the tutor is already speaking to another student, please wait until they have finished speaking before saying hello and joining in. Throughout the session if you’re not speaking please mute your microphone to avoid background noise. If you arrive in a session and there are more than 7 students present, we suggest that you try a tutorial on a different day/time. Please note that in many cases, students will leave a tutorial once their questions have been answered so check in with the tutor before you leave as they’ll be able to let you know an approximate time that they would get to your questions and you may wish to listen to other students’ questions while you wait – you can learn a lot from your peers!

Please Note: During peak times we may have a ‘waiting room’ to limit the number of students allowed in a session. If you try to enter a tute and are placed in a waiting room, please wait for at least 5 minutes. If you are still not admitted after this time please come back in 15 minutes and try again as students tend to leave the sessions once their questions have been answered. The tutor will allow you into the session as soon as they can.

Please ensure that your microphone and camera are enabled on your chosen device.

Once your questions are answered you are welcome to leave the tute. It would be great if you notified the tutor that you’re leaving and thank them for their assistance. Where possible, we encourage you to stay for the entire tute so you can listen and learn from the questions being raised by other students.


Unit 2&4
Unit 2&4
Unit 2&4
2pm – 3pmWilliamSowmyaDoug
3pm – 4pmAnnaAnna
3:30pm – 4:30pmWilliamJuliaRachelSowmya
5pm – 6pmJuliaRachel


TimeBiologyChem Unit 2&4Methods Unit 2&4
2pm – 3pmViktor
3:30pm – 4.30pmViktorRachel
5pm – 6pmViktor