Advanced Study Skills Lecture

Learn how average students achieve 90+ ATAR results, and how you can use the same strategies to reach your full potential in Year 11 and/or Year 12.

A+ Notes

You will receive a detailed set of notes that provides a wealth of information to help you minimise stress and maximise marks.

Experts in the Field

You will be taught by a leading authority on learning and effective study skills and who has over 25 years of teaching experience.

Maximise VCE Marks

Learn strategies that will help you minimise study time, improve concentration and maximise learning and VCE marks.

VCE Secrets

Learn how average and below average students secure enrolments in high-end degrees such as Medicine and Law.

Advanced Study Skills Lecture

Minimise Study Time, Maximise Scores

Dates: January 2020
Venue: The University of Melbourne

This unique lecture is designed to motivate, empower and organise students, and ensure they have the skills and information that are required to maximise VCE marks. Students will also receive exclusive advice and instruction in the following key topics:

  • The 7 secrets to VCE success.
  • Key strategies used by past students to excel in the VCE.
  • The most effective and time-saving learning and revision techniques.
  • Keeping learned materials in memory for longer periods of time.
  • Getting the most out of classes at school.
  • Stress management and effective procrastination remedies.
  • Planning effective daily study timetables.
  • Optimising brain function
  • Preparing for the exams.

Many of the skills and techniques that will be addressed have been proven to cut down on study time and markedly improve results but are not known (or practised) by the majority of students. Detailed notes will be provided to students on the day.

Valued at $150, this highly beneficial lecture is FREE when you make a $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation on the day of the lecture.

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Why Should I Attend?

Our ‘Advanced Study Skills Lecture’ is prepared and presented by a Year 12 Chemistry and Maths teacher, which means that the information and suggestions provided will be tailored to the requirements of a Year 12 student. The lecturer also has significant experience in cognitive science (the study of the brain and its processes), and is a leading study skills expert in Australia.

We’re familiar with the topics covered at other study skills programs, and can therefore confirm that the majority of what you’ll cover in our ‘Advanced Study Skills Lecture’ is quite different!

Learn powerful and effective time management strategies that are guaranteed to reduce stress levels and study loads. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • How to prioritise tasks
  • Improving concentration and productivity
  • Time saving learning and revision techniques
  • Managing procrastination

During our ‘Advanced Study Skills Lecture’ you will:

  • Discover the biggest mistakes made by past VCE students and how to avoid these.
  • Develop key skills that are required to out-perform your VCE peers.
  • Find out how to save huge amounts of time
  • Learn the most effective (and time-saving) learning and revision techniques.

You will develop a significant advantage over your state-wide peers.

You will dramatically reduce stress levels during the semester, and find more time for leisure activities.

You will greatly improve your confidence levels and maximise Year 11 and 12 marks!

A+ Notes

TSFX is highly regarded for the quality of our program materials – our students receive the most comprehensive and detailed notes available in the state. As an example, students who attended our recent study skills program received a 53 page booklet full of valuable advice and strategies to improve VCE marks. Students who attended our recent ‘Unit 3 Exam Revision Lectures’ received the following materials, saving them countless hours in exam preparation time:

Chemistry: Over 400 pages of notes and 320 exam-style questions.
Maths Methods: Over 400 pages of notes and 300 exam-style questions.

We constantly invest in our courses and materials to ensure our students receive every possible advantage in their VCE.


No other program provider has been able to match the quality and depth of materials that are issued to students who attend TSFX programs.

Experts in the Field

Our study skills programs are prepared and delivered by one of the country’s leading study skills experts, Irena Jaskula.

As a leading authority on learning and effective study skills, Irena delights audiences across the country with an approach that never fails to captivate, motivate, entertain and inspire.

Having worked with Year 12 students for over 25 years, Irena certainly knows what is required for students to succeed in their final years at school! She has dissected the study habits of thousands of students to identify the key strategies being used by high achievers to produce an easy to follow blueprint to VCE success.

Irena’s presentations offer practical and insightful strategies that are backed by sound pedagogy and evidence-based research, enabling all students to unlock their full academic potential.

As well as speaking around Australia, Irena has published numerous articles, text books and educational resources for Year 11 and 12 students.

Irena’s Academic Qualifications

  • Master of Biochemistry
  • Honours Degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Diploma in Education

Maximise VCE Marks

At TSFX, we believe that, given the right opportunities, guidance and support, EVERY student has the potential to excel in their studies. We’ve spent over 25 years analysing student concerns and the effects of study habits on academic performance, to create a powerful program that enables every student to reach their full academic potential.

Secrets to VCE Success

Each year, countless “average” and “below average” students receive higher ATARs than their more academically gifted peers. Analysis of these students’ study habits has revealed that they are applying 7 key systems and strategies that are not known or not being used by other VCE students.

During our ‘Advanced Study Skills Program’ we will investigate the ‘7 secrets to VCE success’ and show you how you can use the same systems and strategies to get the higher ATAR results.