What will be Covered During the Exam Booster Classes?
What Beneficial Skills & Strategies will I Learn? How Much will these Classes Benefit Me?

Mathematics & Science Classes

When you enrol into the VCE Exam Booster Classes for a Mathematics or Science subject, you’ll work through hundreds of key VCE exam questions with a VCE exam assessor that has significant experience marking the official VCE exams.

You will learn how to dissect and analyse questions, strengthen problem-solving and analytical skills, and develop strong examination techniques and strategies.

You Will Also:

* Practice how to apply and learn when you can apply key theoretical concepts to different practical scenarios.
* Discover how to recognise, anticipate and process exam tricks, traps and potential sources of error.
* Develop techniques to help you answer questions you haven’t seen before (which is what you’ll get in the exams).
* Learn to recognise the depth, breadth and type of information that must be included in your exam responses when questions are presented in a certain style and/or when particular instruction-based verbs are used.
* Find out how VCE exams are marked, the rules that govern how marks can be awarded, and how to structure perfect answers that reflect the marking schemes used by VCE exam assessors.
* Build skills and develop strategies to help you minimise mistakes in your SACs and exams.

In the final week of the VCE Exam Booster Classes, you will sit a trial examination under exam conditions and then watch an experienced VCE exam assessor work through the paper and construct examples of perfect answers, and mark each question using the marking schemes adopted in the VCE exams.

Your Teachers Will Also:

* Dissect and analyse each question, explaining what you should think of/consider when presented with such a question, and the assumptions/conditions/exceptions/instructions etc. that need to be considered if your answers/responses are to be correct.
* Identify the most effective (and safest) way to answer similar, as well as related questions in your exams.
* Highlight where students are likely to make errors and how to spot these potential traps.
* Teach you how to check that your answers are realistic and reasonable.
* Give you every valuable insight and strategy they can think of that could give you a further advantage over your state-wide peers.

This unique and extremely beneficial program is an investment that every Year 11 and Year 12 student should seriously consider, and will certainly improve SAC and examination marks!

Enrolling into/Have Enrolled into a Master Class Course?

When you enrol into the Master Classes in a particular unit & subject, you’ll receive the VCE Exam Booster Classes for that same unit & subject, at NO CHARGE.