Are you confident that you’ve learned topics to VCAA examination standard?
Have you learned materials well enough to confidently address questions and applications you’ve not seen before? 

Take the test to see if you’ve got the skills and knowledge to get an A/A+ grade in the VCE exams.

If you answered more than 80% of the questions correctly, you’re well on your way to earning an A/A+ mark in your exams.

If you answered less than 80% of the questions correctly, your current skills and knowledge won’t earn you an A/A+ mark in your exams.

It’s easy to develop a false sense of confidence regarding our readiness for the exams using school-based work and assessments as our main point of reference.

Most text-books, however, don’t provide adequate exposure to the types of questions and applications that will appear in the exams. Furthermore, students don’t usually work through exam papers until the end of the year, leaving little time to develop the knowledge and skills required to get the A and A+ marks.

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