TSFX Winter School – Get Ahead and Revise for the Exams

When you “attend” our Winter School lectures:

  • You’ll work through the key Unit 4 topics in a relaxed, step-by-step manner.
  • You’ll revise and consolidate Unit 3 while materials are fresh in mind.
  • You’ll extend your learning to VCAA exam standard and reduce stress and pressure at the end of the year.
  • You’ll work through a large collection of potential SAC and exam questions.
  • You’ll develop stronger problem-solving and application skills.
  • You’ll learn how to set out answers in accordance with the marking schemes used by VCAA exam markers.
  • You’ll master examination tricks/skills and learn how to avoid potential sources of errors.
  • You’ll receive a complete set of A+ notes – saving you the time and effort of producing your own.
  • You won’t have to worry about finding the motivation to get ahead or revise on your own.
  • You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve developed a huge advantage over your VCE peers.
  • You’ll become more motivated to succeed and achieve higher VCE marks.