TSFX (The School For Excellence Pty Ltd) is a leading provider of high-quality VCE Exam Revision Lectures.

This year, we are proud to be offering our VCE Exam Revision program in the Term 3 school holidays, online via live streaming for all students regardless of their location. This means that our lectures will be fully interactive where students can ask questions and obtain real time answers. Polls, quizzes, real time screen capture and annotations and a video stream of each lecturer will also be included.

Lectures will also be recorded and uploaded for students (within 4 business days) so that they can learn at their own pace and review examinable materials before their exams. This also means that students who may be unavailable at the time of our scheduled session can still access this important exam revision program.

Each lecture is developed and delivered by experienced, qualified VCE teachers from high ranking schools and who are current or recent VCAA assessors; ensuring that students receive the best possible instruction and the best chance of succeeding in their VCE.

 To assist regional schools, we are offering an exclusive 25% discount on all revision lectures, irrespective of the size of your booking. In addition, schools booking into our VCE Exam Revision lectures can register into our Unit 2 lectures free of charge (notes excluded). Our programs also meet DET rural funding requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to book your students into our revision lectures or to develop a program to meet your school’s requirements. Please direct inquiries to Kristen Hooper on (03) 9099 0895 or kristen@tsfx.edu.au or by using the contact form below.

We look forward to welcoming your students at our VCE Exam Revision Lectures in September.

“The programs and materials of TSFX are exceptional in their quality. Any school looking for a lecture provider can be confident that TSFX would deliver high quality lectures and notes, be reliable and professional, and would work hard to ensure that expectations were exceeded. I have worked with several commercial providers of VCE lectures and tuition classes over the years and can unreservedly recommend TSFX as a superior provider of these resources.”
Teacher – John Monash Science School

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