We’ll reduce the time you need to spend preparing for your exams

  • You’ll complete a large part of your exam preparations before Term 4 reducing how much needs to be done before the exams.
  • What may take you half an hour to understand will only take an experienced teacher minutes to explain! It’s always faster to have experienced teachers take you through the revision process, rather than revising on your own.
  • The notes you’ll receive include every key concept that could be examined and will save you countless hours in study time.
  • You’ll regularly revise important concepts so you don’t waste valuable time re-learning topics before your exams.
  • You’ll work through the equivalent of at least 8 exam papers, reducing the number of papers that need to be completed before the exams.
  • You won’t need to spend time searching for the best VCE exam questions to work through.

The Master Classes