VERL Recording – Unit 4 Further Maths – Matrices – VCE Exam Revision Lecture 2021


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Our Unit 4 Matrices revision lecture has been designed to provide you with the skills and information needed to perform to the highest possible standard in the final exams. You will receive a comprehensive and detailed coverage of examinable materials as specified in each subject’s Study Design, to VCAA examination standard.

Topics that will be addressed include: Matrices and their Applications (Matrix arithmetic (types of matrices, matrix operations, transpose of a matrix), inverses and determinants, binary and permutation matrices, communication and dominance matrices, representing and solving systems of linear equations) and Transition Matrices (Generating state matrices, the equilibrium state matrix, transition diagrams and their associated transition and state matrices, using transition matrices and state matrices to model and analyse practical situations, using first-order linear matrix recurrence relations to model a range of situations and solve related problems.).

Detailed A+ course notes will be provided in each subject.

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