VERL Recording – Unit 3 Chemistry – VCE Exam Revision Lecture 2021


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Recordings available until after the end of year subject exam

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Our “VCE Exam Revision Lectures” have been designed to ensure that students have covered all examinable concepts and to extend learnings to VCE examination standard while course materials are still fresh in mind.

During the course of this program we’ll work through course materials to an A+ standard, cover a large collection of potential exam questions, learn how exam papers are marked and how answers must be presented if they are to be awarded full scores, and develop the problem solving skills that are needed to secure the higher marks. Detailed and comprehensive A+ course notes will be provided.

Our Unit 3 Chemistry Exam Revision lectures will address the following key topics:

Fossil fuels, biofuels, energy transformations, enthalpy, thermochemical equations, the Universal Gas Equation, comparison of fuels, stoichiometry of combustion reactions, specific heat capacity of water, galvanic, fuel and electrolytic cells, reaction rates and equilibrium.

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