Unit 4 Legal Studies – Head Start Lectures 2022 – Recordings Only

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Get Ahead. Reduce Stress, Maximise SAC & Exam Marks.

Duration: 6 hours

Delivery: These lectures are available ON DEMAND and have been produced using state of the art technology systems and software applications. Each video includes a full screen capture of the materials presented to students, all annotations made during each lecture and a video stream of the teachers.

Access to the recordings will be provided within 1 BUSINESS DAY of purchase.  Access credentials will be provided via email.

Notes NOT Included – This product includes access to the Lecture Recording Only.

In stock

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Unit 4 Legal Studies – Head Start Lectures

Get Ahead. Reduce Stress, Maximise SAC & Exam Marks.

What Will be Covered?

These lectures draw on the key knowledge and key skills outlined in the current VCE Study Design and are presented by qualified, experienced VCE teachers who are current or recent VCE exam assessors (VCAA).

You will work through key Unit 4 topics to an A+ standard ahead of school in a relaxed, step-by-step manner. You’ll also learn to dissect and confidently answer highly probable SAC and exam-style questions and clarify misconceptions that result in the loss of valuable marks. Emphasis will be placed on the topics that will be the focus of your Unit 4 SACs and the areas that are usually poorly addressed in past exams.


What Will I Get?

High quality, fully edited, on demand lecture recordings.
Superb, dynamic instruction from highly experienced VCE teachers who are current or recent VCE exam
. assessors (VCAA) (not university students) – the very same teachers who’ll be marking your VCE exams!
Thorough coverage of examinable materials.
A large collection of exam-style questions & worked solutions.
Unlimited 24/7 access to a recording of your enrolled lecture(s) until the 22 July 2022.

Why Should I Take this Course?

To get ahead and make my school and home studies easier.
To develop a strong grasp of examinable materials and cut down on the time spent on homework
To get valuable advice regarding my Unit 4 SACs.
To reduce stress levels and study-loads in Term 3 and 4.
To gain an advantage and maximise my subject ranks/SAC marks.

“Fantastic! Gave me a massive head start over my cohort and the lecturers were wonderful”
Student – Xavier College

“I thought the online lectures were done really well. Even though I wasn’t there in person, I wasn’t missing on any educational experience.”
Student – Belmont High School

“This is one of the best lectures I’ve been to – very helpful with an excellent presenter.”
Student – Catholic Ladies College

“Absolutely faultless.”
Student – Geelong College

“A fantastic session that gave me the tools and confidence to tackle semester two!”
Student – Fintona Girls School

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