Unit 4 – Head Start – Business Management

/////Unit 4 – Head Start – Business Management

Unit 4 – Head Start – Business Management


11 July 20202 (9am to 12:30pm)

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Our ‘Winter School – Head Start’ program has been designed to help you reduce stress and study loads in Semester 2 and to secure the best possible advantage in the VCE.

During the course of this program we’ll work through course materials ahead of school to an A+ standard, introduce you to potential examination questions and deliver vital tips regarding assessments and VCE survival skills. A+ course notes will be provided.

Our Unit 4 Business Management Head Start lectures will focus on the study of business change; key performance indicators (KPIs) as sources for change and driving and restraining forces; Theories on change (Lewin and Porter); leadership in change management; management strategies to respond to KPI’s; the need to review KPI’s during a period of change and corporate social responsibility.