Unit 4 – Head Start – Accounting

/////Unit 4 – Head Start – Accounting

Unit 4 – Head Start – Accounting


10 July 2020 (2pm to 5:30pm)

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Our ‘Winter School – Head Start’ program has been designed to help you reduce stress and study loads in Semester 2 and to secure the best possible advantage in the VCE.

During the course of this program we’ll work through course materials ahead of school to an A+ standard, introduce you to potential examination questions and deliver vital tips regarding assessments and VCE survival skills. A+ course notes will be provided.

Our Unit 4 Accounting Head Start lectures will focus on the study of treatment of non-current assets involving cash acquisition, different depreciation methods and disposal. Revenues and expenses for accruals and prepayments, treatment of doubtful debts and bad debts, the preparation of Balance Sheets, Income and Cash Flow Statements, evaluating profitability, liquidity, efficiency and stability of a business.