Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Physics

//////Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Physics

Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Physics


Lecture Recording and Notes

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Our “VCE Exam Revision Lectures” have been designed to provide students with the skills and information needed to perform to the highest possible standard in the end of year exams.

Topics that will be addressed include: Properties of mechanical waves, resonance, standing waves, diffraction, light as a wave, the electromagnetic spectrum, Young’s double slit experiment, the behaviour of light, the photoelectric effect, limitations of the wave model of light, matter as particles or waves, the de Broglie wavelength of matter, similarities between light and matter (photon, atomic absorption and emission line spectra, the single photon/electron double slit experiment).

Detailed A+ course notes will be provided in each subject.