Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Accounting

//////Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Accounting

Unit 4 – Exam Rev Recordings 2020 – Accounting


Lecture Recording and Notes

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Our Unit 4 Accounting revision lectures have been designed to provide you with the skills and information needed to perform to the highest possible standard in the final exams. You will receive a comprehensive and detailed coverage of examinable materials as specified in each subject’s Study Design, to VCAA examination standard.

Topics that will be addressed include: Recording and reporting financial data using a double entry accrual-based system, recording and reporting balance day adjustments (both expenses and revenues), the purchase and disposal of non-current assets, different methods of depreciation, analysing budgeted accounting reports and variance reports and the effect of alternative strategies on the performance of a business.

Detailed A+ course notes will be provided in each subject.