Unit 3 Psychology – Sunday (9am to 11:30am) – Master Classes 2022


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Delivery Method: Face-to-Face* Classes

Venue: Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences
(The University of Melbourne, Parkville)

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This Course Includes:

  • Eight (8) 2.5 hour small group face-to-face* classes that provide in-depth coverage of the upper intermediate and harder level assessable skills and concepts.
  • 5 hours of pre-recorded, on-demand classes that thoroughly revise the easier and lower intermediate level assessable skills and concepts. (Not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • Three 2.5 hour Exam Booster Classes dedicated to the development of VCE examination skills and strategies (Recorded classes – Not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • Unlimited access to edited recordings of the face-to-face* and pre-recorded classes in your enrolled subjects until after your end-of-year exams. Unlimited access will also be provided to recordings of classes delivered by other teachers in your enrolled subject(s) so you can benefit from different explanations and perspectives. BONUS FEATURE
  • A trial examination to be completed under examination conditions (not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • A detailed exam correction session where an experienced VCE exam assessor works through the trial paper, applying the marking schemes adopted in the VCE exams. BONUS FEATURE
    (Recorded classes – Not available in Unit 1 & Unit 3 English).

You will also receive:

  • Detailed and comprehensive A+ course notes.
  • An “Exam Kit” consisting of a generous collection of commercially produced trial examination papers and worked solutions (Not available in Unit 1 and Unit 3 English). BONUS FEATURE
  • Specialised classes designed to improve VCE marks, including SAC preparation classes and advanced level study skills instruction. BONUS FEATURE
  • Access to an exclusive resource portal offering downloadable worksheets, tests and quizzes, supplementary notes, checklists, videos, graphics and e-books in every available subject, irrespective of which subject(s) you have enrolled into. BONUS FEATURE

*COVID 19 Contingency Plan

In the event that government directives prohibit the delivery of our Master Classes in person (face-to-face), classes will be live streamed, enabling real time audience participation. Sessions will include real time screen capture and annotations, a video stream of the lecturer, chats, polls and quizzes, as well as live support.

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