Get Ahead, Reduce Stress, Maximise VCE Marks.

Students who work through subject materials ahead of school outperform their subject peers. While other students struggle to understand new concepts being presented in class, they’ll be covering this information for the second time.

  • Their understanding of examinable materials increases.
  • Their ability to apply concepts greatly improves.
  • These students don’t get stuck on questions as frequently, reducing the time they spend on homework.
  • They develop more confidence in their abilities.
  • They achieve higher VCE marks!

So grab a copy of our Unit 3 Head Start lecture notes and get ahead in your VCE. Lecture notes have been written by experienced VCE teachers and VCE exam markers and include:

  • A solid introduction to Unit 3 materials.
  • Detailed explanations
  • Worked examples
  • Additional questions to work through
  • Solutions to all questions


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