This online course includes:

  • Access to the TSFX Online Learning Platform.
  • Access to a fully edited recording of our 7 hour Unit 3 head start lecture.
  • Available to watch until 30 June 2020.

Program Overview:

Our ‘Summer School – Head Start’ program has been designed to help you reduce stress and study loads in Semester 1 and to secure the best possible advantage in the VCE.

During the course of this program we’ll work through course materials ahead of school to an A+ standard, introduce you to potential examination questions and deliver vital tips regarding assessments and VCE survival skills.

Lecture Overview:

Our Unit 3 Economics Summer School lectures will investigate the options available to improve Australia’s economic prosperity. This will include a study of microeconomics, which examines how markets operate to allocate scarce resources, and the extent to which markets operate freely in Australia and that result in efficient outcomes. You will develop an understanding of the macroeconomy and will  investigate the factors that influence the level of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. An update on current economic conditions in Australia and the performance of the economy in relation to the economic goals will also be included.