Unit 3 Chemistry – Equilibrium & Reaction Rates

////Unit 3 Chemistry – Equilibrium & Reaction Rates

Unit 3 Chemistry – Equilibrium & Reaction Rates


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  • A comprehensive A+ overview of Equilibrium & Rates of Change
  • Detailed explanations
  • Worked examples
  • Exam-style questions and solutions

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Topics covered include:

  • Chemical Reactions & Energy Changes
  • Collision Theory & Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
  • Changing & Measuring Reaction Rates
  • Equilibrium
  • Calculations Involving Systems in Equilibrium
  • Le Chateliers Principle (Concentration, Volume & Temperature Changes)
  • Concentration & Rate Time Graphs
  • Rates vs Yield
  • Equilibria in Living Systems

An essential tool for maximising your examination marks!

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