SS – Unit 3 Further Maths – Head Start Lectures 2022


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This course includes:
Unit 3 Further Maths Head Start Lectures (2 x 3 Hour Lectures)
Unrestricted access to recordings of the above lectures until 30 June 2022
Comprehensive A+ subject notes
Postage (Complimentary)

Dates & Times:
Part 1 – 19 January 2022 (9am to 12pm)
Part 2 – 20 January 2022 (9am to 12pm)

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Unit 3 Further Maths – Head Start Lectures (2 x 3 Hour Lectures)

Our ‘Summer School – Head Start’ program is designed to reduce your stress and study loads and to secure the best possible advantage for Unit 3.

When you attend these lectures, you’ll work through course materials and potential SAC questions ahead of school, receive vital tips regarding assessments and learn important problem-solving and analytical skills so you can achieve the highest possible SAC marks.

You’ll also receive a detailed, comprehensive set of A+ notes as well as access to an audio-visual recording of your lectures so you can revise efficiently for your SACs and exams. These recordings are available on an unlimited basis until 30 June 2022.

Topics that will be covered during these include:

Applications of univariate and bivariate data, regression lines, analysis of nonlinear data and time series. The recently introduced financial maths core topic will also be explored, with an emphasis on the growth and decay of investments and loans, and the use of technology in financial transactions.

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