The Master Classes

No Other Course Compares


  • 5-hour tuition classes with VCAA assessors.
  • 12 classes across 14 weeks.
  • Friday evenings and weekends.

What happens during the Master Classes?

  • Extend on what you’ve covered at school.
  • Focus on the harder topics.
  • Correct problem areas.
  • Hear great advice from the teachers who’ll be marking your exams.
  • Work through a large, unique, collection of exam-style questions.
  • Learn how to dissect and interpret complex exam applications.
  • Systematically prepare for the challenging analysis-style questions.
  • Master exam tricks and traps.
  • Learn how to set out answers in line with the marking schemes used in the VCE exams.
  • Regularly revise difficult concepts so you don’t need to re-learn topics before your exams.

What do I get when I enrol?

  • 30 hours of tuition from experienced VCAA exam markers.
  • Access to online recordings of your class as well as classes delivered by other teachers with different teaching styles.
  • Information that can only be obtained from VCAA exam markers.
  • A complete set of A+ notes that cover everything you need to learn for the exams.
  • Access to private tutors before and after class. These tutors can help you with school-work and SAC preparation in every one of your subjects, free of charge.
  • A trial examination under exam conditions, marked by VCAA assessors.


Key Benefits:

  • Take advantage of a more efficient way to learn.
  • Prepare for the exams in a gradual manner; reducing stress levels and workloads in the weeks leading up to exams.
  • Keep learned knowledge fresh in mind so you don’t need to relearn topics before the exams.
  • Complete exam preparations ahead of your peers.
  • Decrease stress levels and workloads before the exams.
  • Maximise SACs and examination marks.
  • Minimise your opportunities to procrastinate your studies.
  • Develop a huge advantage over your VCE peers.