Quality programs such as those delivered by TSFX give students the chance to revise large amounts of information in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. In fact, you’ll cover 2 to 5 times more information in our Master Classes than if you were to work through the same materials on your own! So if you’re prepared to invest 2.5 hours to attend a TSFX Master Class each week for 12 weeks– you’ll save at least 60 hours in exam preparation time!

When you attend our Master Classes, you’ll regularly revise important concepts so you don’t need to waste time re-learning topics before your exams. You’ll also complete these revisions in half the usual time as it’s less time consuming to revise materials while they’re fresh in mind!


The notes you’ll receive when you enrol into the Master Classes include every concept that could be examined, as well as worked examples with step-by-step instructions, potential exam questions, tricks and traps – saving you countless hours in study time.


If you’re aiming for the higher study scores, you’ll need to find the time to work through about 15 exam papers and assessment reports in each VCE study – something that most students don’t get a chance to do before their exams.

When you attend the Master Classes, you’ll work through the equivalent of at least 8 exam papers, reducing the number of papers that need to be completed on your own. You’ll also learn the tricks and traps that could appear, how examination papers are marked, and how answers must be constructed if they’re to be awarded full scores.