We’ll improve your SAC and exam marks

  • We’ll give you access to recordings of your classes (and the other classes in your enrolled subjects) to use as a time-saving and powerful revision tool before your SACs and exams. 
  • You’ll complete 2.5 hours of exam-focused study every week (per subject) that you wouldn’t have done on your own – reducing stress levels and study commitments in the challenging weeks before your exams. 
  • You’ll cover materials at least twice before your SACs improving your understanding of examinable materials, how well you can recall information, and how effectively you can apply this information, boosting SAC and exam marks. 
  • You’ll gain exposure to a wider range of applications – many of which are likely to appear in both SACs and exams. 
  • You’ll regularly revise difficult concepts so you can answer the harder questions in the exams. 
  • Note: You will not obtain the marks you’re capable of if you delay exam preparations until the Term 3 school holidays.

The Master Classes