TSFX is a leading Australian provider of high-quality educational courses. We offer exam revision programs, study skills and exam strategy lectures as well as specialised courses that prepare students in advance of each semester. Each program is developed and delivered by experienced, qualified teachers who are official exam markers – the people who mark your final HSC exams.


Head Start Lectures

Our Summer School lectures are designed to provide students with the best possible head start in a highly effective, time efficient and relatively painless manner! During these programs, we’ll work through course materials to an A+ standard, introduce students to potential examination questions and deliver vital tips regarding assessments and HSC survival skills.

Exam Revision Lectures

Our “Trial Exam Revision Lectures’ are renowned for providing the most in-depth preparation for the HSC trial exams. During these lectures we will review and then extend on the knowledge taught at school, expose students to examination tricks and HSC marking schemes, and develop the problem-solving and analytical skills that are required to secure those higher marks.

Study Skills & Exam Strategy Lectures

These programs are designed to give students the skills and information they need to obtain the highest possible HSC marks. You’ll discover the fastest and most effective learning techniques, learn powerful concentration and examination strategies and hear other study strategies that will greatly improve marks – but are not taught at school. These lectures are essential for every HSC student.