This lecture was brilliant, providing a deep understanding of the HSC syllabus, as well as a great insight into the exam, including marking guidelines from a senior marker.
Student Manly Selective Campus

TSFX is definitely better than going to a tutor; you get everything you need to know in three simple booklets that’ll save you hours of studying.
Student – Manly Selective Campus

Excellent lecture! It really discussed and explained concepts and ideas that I hadn’t looked at before
Student – Chatham High School

I found it really helpful and was amazed at the amount of material which I had previously found difficult, which suddenly became clearer and more approachable.
Student – Covenant Christian School

Highly informative and enjoyable lectures. I was provided with invaluable exam preparation techniques and tips.
Student – Brigidine College

Great teachers! Great course! Excellent lecture!  It was so beneficial!
Student – Chatham High School


Great lecture, lecturers were the best out of all I attended, very beneficial.
Student – Cronulla

A well thought out fail-safe course; excellent tools and resources provided in a short amount of time, better than most tutors.
Student – East Hill Boys Technology High School

It was the best lecture I’ve ever been to.
Student – Mosman

I attended lectures with other companies this year but TSFX beats them all in terms of notes quality, length, content and choice of teachers.
Student – School Details Withheld on Request

Absolutely the best exam prep lecture I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended heaps of exam prep lectures and none of them are half as effective as this.
Student – Patrician Brothers College

Confidence & Motivation

I left feeling inspired and motivated and ready to tackle all my exams with confidence!
Student – Moriah College

This was an amazing lecture that filled me with confidence for the year to come. I feel very ready to attack stress that is thrown my way.
Student – School Details Withheld on Request

Thanks to this course, I now have a more solid understanding of what we’ve covered and feel much more confident about my abilities and knowledge.
Student – Pymble Ladies’ College

The lecture has honestly made me feel at more ease about my upcoming exams!
Thank you.
Student – Santa Sabina College

Attending TSFX has given me confidence and motivation for the HSC.
Student – St. Columba’s High School


There is no doubt that without TSFX I would not have done as well as I have. They really did help me achieve excellence.
Student – School Name Withheld by Request

This lecture will improve my marks out of sight! Thank you for putting on such a fantastic lecture.
Student – Mount Annan Christian College

Thank you TSFX for providing such high quality lectures throughout the year – I know my marks will improve because of this!
Student – St Columba’s High School

I feel that my marks will definitely improve as a result of attending, and my study and exam techniques will improve in the weeks leading up to my trial exams, and in the months leading up to my HSC.
Student – Smith’s Hill High School

I can truly say that these lectures have definitely made a huge difference to my grades.
Student – School Name Withheld by Request


The notes that we received were above and beyond what I was expecting. I am now using them as my summary notes, leaving the summary notes that I prepared and spent hours creating as a supplementary source of information.
Student – Merewether High School

I found the quality of the notes in this lecture, and every lecture that I attended at TSFX to be absolutely superb.
Student – Baulkham Hills High School

Notes provided were excellent and extremely succinct.
Student – Northern Beaches Secondary College

Great lecture! Inspirational speaker, and a comprehensive set of notes which will provide an invaluable source of information during the exam periods.
Student – Manly Selective Campus

I loved the notes that were issued for the lecture. They are neat, easy to read, concise and extremely reliable.
Student – Patrician Brothers College


The lecturers were fantastic, their ability to stay on topic was fantastic and kept me interested throughout.
Student – School Name Withheld by Request

The teachers were absolutely amazing. They presented relevant information in a clear and concise manner. I was unbelievably impressed at the quality.
Student – St. Paul’s College

My lecturer was fantastic!!! He was really enthusiastic about the topic which I felt made the lecture much more engaging and interesting.
Student – Hunter Valley Grammar School

The lecturer was absolutely fantastic and she made the content easy to understand and actually enjoyable, which can be hard to do. I feel a lot more prepared now and will definitely be returning for the July lectures.
Student – South Grafton High School

The teacher provided was witty, concise and very sweet! She completely rid the air of any uneasiness and nervousness, her personality was able to engage the audience on a personal and conversational level which only improved the great program in its entirety!
Student – Our Lady of Lebanon College


Great teacher with great explanations. Well worth the money!
Student – Gosford Selective High School

Very informative and definitely a helpful three days! Money well spent!
Student – Rouse Hill Anglican College

These lectures were definitely worth the money (and two hour train trip!).  Everything was covered in detail and the teachers were great.
Student – St. Columba’s High School, Springwood

Overall, I am very pleased I attended these lectures, and believe them to be well worth the 6 or so hour drive. It was of great benefit, and will unquestionably provide me an advantage in terms of preparation for the year ahead.
Student – New England Girl’s School

Absolutely engaging! Easy to understand, great examination tips and very relaxed environment. Totally worth the time.
Student – School Name Withheld by Request

I came down from the coast and it took me all day to get there and home again, but it was invaluable.
Student – Student – Wadalba Community School