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Trial Exam Revision Lectures

Save 100s of hours in study time & maximise trial exam scores! Delivered by qualified experienced NESA assessors.

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Free unlimited access to over 8000 resources including A+ essays & projects, worksheets, notes, tests & exam/study skills advice.


Exclusive exam revision booklets written by HSC assessors, exam questions by topic, English text analysis notes & more.

Why Choose TSFX?

Irrespective of which program you choose to attend, you can be confident you’ll receive the same, exceptional quality that is our trademark.  At TSFX, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services, and year after year, we consistently deliver the finest and most comprehensive HSC programs available in NSW. From our highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers, right through to our courses and notes, you can be assured that our exceptional level of quality is present in every aspect of TSFX!

To ensure you receive every possible advantage in the HSC, our programs are prepared and delivered by hand-picked, qualified, experienced HSC teachers and HSC assessors from top ranking schools. Our teachers include authors of HSC textbooks, writers and markers of your HSC exams, as well as leading experts in their subject fields. Their wealth of experience is priceless.


The majority of university students who present HSC lectures and tuition classes have not received formal instruction in most of the topics they’re teaching. These students graduated before many HSC subjects underwent significant changes to their Syllabus and are self-taught, using limited information that does not cover the scope required for the higher HSC marks.

Furthermore, recent HSC graduates lack the knowledge and experience required to teach students how to set out answers in accordance with the NESA marking schemes. This information is usually restricted to HSC exam assessors – the teachers who mark the HSC exams. HSC exam assessors also have access to important information that many teachers aren’t even aware of, and which can make a huge difference to your HSC marks.

Learning from the people who write and assess the exams and who teach the subjects every day will always exceed the benefits of learning from university students who recently completed their HSC. Experience is the best teacher, and an important asset at this end-game stage of Year 12.

TSFX is highly regarded for the quality of our program materials – our students receive the most comprehensive and detailed exam preparation notes available that include every key concept that could be examined, as well as hundreds of examination-style questions that are not commercially available. As an example, students who attended our recent Trial Exam Revision Lectures received the following materials, saving them countless hours in exam preparation time.

Chemistry: 423 pages of notes and 273 exam-style questions.
Mathematics Advanced: 346 pages of notes and 309 exam-style questions.

We constantly invest in our courses and materials to ensure our students receive every possible advantage in their HSC.

Our notes are improved and extended upon each year so that they reflect the annual changes in examination marking and question trends. To help make your exam preparations even easier, we integrate the important concepts and applications from the main textbooks and study resources into our course materials.


No other program provider has been able to match the quality and depth of materials that are issued to students who attend TSFX programs.

TSFX’s vast history of real-world experience in providing educational services to Year 11 and Year 12 students means that you can be confident that we have a genuine understanding of what’s required to obtain the highest scores.

We’ve spent 28 years analysing student concerns and the effects of study habits on academic performance, to create powerful programs that enable every student to reach their full academic potential. We’ve helped thousands of past students achieve their ATAR goals, and we look forward to helping you achieve your personal best in the HSC.

TSFX offers a proven track history of unrivalled ATAR success. We get results, and can make a significant difference to your final marks.

Average ATAR for our 2018 lecture students: 91.30

Our reputation for excellence is built on our long history of highly successful students, as well the exceptional quality of our teachers, programs and learning resources.

This lecture was brilliant, providing a deep understanding of the HSC syllabus, as well as a great insight into the exam, including marking guidelines from a senior marker.

Student, Manly Selective Campus

There is no doubt that without TSFX I would not have done as well as I have. They really did help me achieve excellence.

Student, School Name Withheld by Request

Great teacher with great explanations. Well worth the money!

Student, Gosford Selective High School

TSFX is definitely better than going to a tutor; you get everything you need to know in three simple booklets that’ll save you hours of studying.

Student, Manly Selective Campus

“Great teachers! Great course! Excellent lecture!  It was so beneficial!”

Student, Chatham High School

Absolutely the best exam prep lecture I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended heaps of exam prep lectures and none of them are half as effective as this.

Student, Patrician Brothers College

Highly informative and enjoyable lectures. I was provided with invaluable exam preparation techniques and tips.

Student, Brigidine College
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Not Only For Profit

The School For Excellence actively donates 100% of the proceeds from its study skills lectures to those in need. To date, a total of $379,022.35. has been donated to various charities, including Oxfam Australia, Kids Help Line, Beyond Blue and The Fred Hollows Foundation.

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