How Well Do You Know Your Course Materials?

Find out how well you’d perform in your exams by taking our short Unit 2 & 3 quizzes. These quizzes are designed to determine whether you could score a B+ or higher in the VCE exams. Find out now so you can correct problem areas while there’s still a chance!

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 3

Unit 3

Unit 3

How Did You Go?

Didn’t perform as you were expecting? Like you thought you would?

This is common – don’t stress. There’s still plenty of time to fix this.

Getting good marks on the exams requires a different approach to what most students use. It is important to learn the right things in the correct way and to the appropriate depth. You will also need to develop problem solving and application skills so you can confidently answer new and difficult exam questions that you’ve not seen before.

And the best way to do this is with an VCE exam assessor – the only people who really know how the VCE exams are marked.

They’re rare as hen’s teeth in some subjects, which is why we headhunt the best of them and get them to do our Master Classes.

So if you want to get the highest possible marks and you don’t have an VCE exam assessor as your teacher in each subject you are studying at school, the TSFX Master Classes are for you.

And the program will definitely help you boost your ATAR. Just take a look at the results our past students have received:

2021 Median ATAR = 95.45
2020 Median ATAR = 92.55
2019 Median ATAR = 95.65
2018 Median ATAR = 95.80

Still not sure?  Why not watch some of them in action. You can enrol into our Unit 2 and Unit 4 Head Start lecture recordings for Free.