Are you struggling with distraction, procrastination and decreased motivation?
Are you spending each entire day in online classes? Or are you required to work through materials on your own?
Are you falling behind in your studies?
Are you worried how this will all affect your VCE?

The VCE is challenging enough without having to deal with lockdowns and home schooling. In many cases, online schooling has not worked as anticipated, requiring students to take on the role of both teacher and learner.

Teaching yourself is fraught with difficulty, and even strong students will struggle with this new mode of schooling.

Getting started and maintaining motivation and concentration for 6 hours each day requires enormous discipline, especially in the absence of mentorship and peer support. You then have to manage distractions and procrastination, which is really hard when no one’s pushing you or looking over your shoulder.

It takes more time to teach yourself a topic – it’s always faster to have an experienced teacher explain concepts rather than doing this task on your own. So, unless your teachers are delivering their normal classes over the internet, chances are that you’re spending more time on study, and still probably falling behind. You’re also missing out on all the extra bits of knowledge that aren’t in the textbooks, but are needed for the exams.

Research shows that the typical student performs to a lower standard when self-learning as opposed to engaging in teacher-led education. The COVID-19 lockdown will therefore have a negative impact on VCE marks, unless students take control and implement strategies to counter the issues associated with self-learning.

So what can you do?

If your teachers aren’t delivering online classes as per your school timetable, then the first thing to do is to find some ancillary teachers. This is where our online Master Classes can help – quality teacher-guided instruction that guarantees to mitigate most of the problems associated with self-learning.

Key features of our Online Master Classes include:

#      Up to 30 hours of in-depth instruction from experienced VCAA exam markers (not uni students).
#      Cover examinable materials to an A+ standard.
#      Work through SAC-style questions to optimise SAC marks.
#      Master SAC/exam tricks and traps.
#      Learn how to set out answers so they’re in line with VCAA marking rules.
#      Complete a great part of your exam preparations well before other students.

What You’ll Get:

#      A comprehensive, effective and mark-boosting solution for students engaged in self-learning.
#      Access to online recordings of your class as well as classes delivered by other teachers with different teaching styles.
#      The benefits of being taught by a VCE exam marker (students taught by exam markers do have an advantage over other students).
#      Reassurance that you’re learning materials correctly and to the expected standard.
#      A delivery vehicle that speeds up the learning process.
#      A complete set of A+ notes that cover everything you need to learn for the exams.
#      A trial examination and 2.5 hour exam correction session with VCAA exam markers.
#      A substantial collection of practice exam papers.
#      All the tools and information you’ll need to achieve the higher ATAR results.
#      A strong advantage over your subject peers.

There are many other great benefits to enrolling into the TSFX Online Master Classes. Click the links above to learn how this program will alleviate the problems associated with home-learning and at the same time, greatly improve VCE marks – irrespective of your past academic performance.

Stay safe and healthy,


Additional Suggestions to Mitigate the Problems with Home-Learning

Online Lectures & Tuition Classes

TSFX Online enables students to experience our high-quality programs without the need to be physically present at our lecture venues. All our lectures and classes are recorded live and are available to purchase either with or without the accompanying notes.

Classes and lectures have been developed and are presented by experienced senior VCE teachers and VCAA exam markers.

Sample Recordings

We have a number of sample recordings for student to access below to see the quality of our recorded classes.

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Unit 3 Biology - Sample 2

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 3

Unit 3 Biology - Sample 4

Unit 3 Maths Methods Sample

Unit 4 Maths Methods Sample

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 1

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 2

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 3

Unit 3 Physics - Sample 4

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 1

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 2

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 3

Unit 3 Psychology - Sample 4