Using the School Holidays to Get Ahead

Every hour you invest in your studies will also save you at least 3 hours of learning when you return to school in Term 3! Your SAC marks and subject ranks will improve, while simultaneously slashing the time you’ll need to spend preparing for your end of year exams.

So use the Term 2 school holidays to:

  • Revise and extend on Unit 3 materials to VCE examination standard while course materials are still fresh in mind. Not only will it be much faster to do this now (rather than at the end of year when you’ve forgotten much of what you’ve learned), you’ll also decrease stress levels and study loads in the weeks leading up to your final exams.
  • Work through Unit 4 materials before they’re addressed at school. While other students struggle to understand the new concepts being delivered in class, you’ll be consolidating this information for the second time. Your ability to apply examinable materials will greatly improve, reducing the time you need to spend on homework and when preparing for your SACs and exams. Your SAC marks will also improve, giving you that added advantage in your quest for the highest possible VCE scores.

TSFX Winter School