VCAA Exam Blaster Lectures

The VCAA Exam Blaster lectures on Sunday 12 July 2020 are specialised programs designed to help students complete the challenging analysis-style questions to a high standard in their Unit 4 SACs and the VCE mathematics exams. Students will derive immeasurable benefits from up to 4 hours of expert advice and instruction, providing them with a distinct advantage over their subject peers.

Students attending this program will:

# Consolidate key concepts from the Unit 3 course by working through potential examination questions, while simultaneously gaining an appreciation of how taught concepts will be extended upon in the final VCAA exam(s).
# Learn how to interpret and dissect analysis-style questions, and how VCAA examiners award marks.
# Obtain a unique collection of Exam 2 analysis-style questions to further consolidate and extend on taught skills.

These exclusive lectures will be delivered by teachers with extensive experience in teaching Units 3 & 4, and who have been heavily involved in writing or marking VCE exams.

Each Exam Blaster lecture is valued at $200 and is FREE when enrolling into any Winter School subject lecture. Note that the Unit 3 & 4 English text lectures do not qualify as a subject. If you are not enrolled into Winter School a $200 fee applies.

Lectures are available in:

Unit 2 Mathematical Methods (2pm – 6pm)
Unit 3 Further Mathematics (9am –12.30pm)
Unit 3 Mathematical Methods (9am – 1pm)
Unit 3 Specialist Mathematics (2pm –6pm)

Date: Sunday 12 July 2020


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